[WhodunitCare] update, fake service dogs, and more


By Max R. Weller

Want to know how the Affordable Care Act is working? Let me tell you about a transient I met in north Boulder not too long ago, who has terminal cancer; inoperable because it’s on both the side of his face and behind his nasal passages, too. Because he lacks a permanent address, he can’t receive visits from a hospice caregiver. Nor will [WhodunitCare] pay for inpatient hospice care for this man, who has a couple of months to live. He showed me the feeding tube inserted in his stomach, but I don’t think he can eat a McDonald’s double cheeseburger through it.

[WhodunitCare] has NEVER been about improving either the availability or the quality of health care. Instead, it’s an unholy alliance between government bureaucrats lusting for more power and private insurers lusting for more profits.

It’s a scam . . .

At this point, it ought to be clear to everybody that fixing our dysfunctional health care system on the one hand and supporting President Obama no matter what on the other are mutually exclusive goals.

Indeed, the majority of people polled continue to oppose [WhodunitCare]. See the RealClearPolitics polling results.

As I arrived at Norlin Library this morning, library staff and a CU police officer were having a heart-to-heart discussion with a transient, who was with a dog as he sat at one of the public access computer stations. I couldn’t overhear their conversation, but the situation brought to my mind the fact that the great majority of transients with dogs here in Boulder, CO — which they claim are service animals — are lying. They do this in order that their untrained and ill-mannered pets can accompany them wherever they go.

It’s another scam . . .


Read this article from The New Yorker: How to Take Your Pet Everywhere.

See this report in the Daily Camera: Boulder Community Health puts 8-acre Broadway campus up for sale. My online comment is copied below:

Look for Bridge House, led by Isabel McDevitt and George Epp, to try to acquire this facility in order to expand services offered to transients from Denver and elsewhere.

Great news, and another setback for the phony homeless advocates, from the Denver Post: Proposed Right to Rest Act for Colorado homeless dies in committee. My comment to the Daily Camera website follows:

No surprise that the bums and their apologists/enablers behaved like spoiled brats.

These people are their own worst enemies — and they can’t win for losing. I take great satisfaction in this; it means that the public and our elected leaders are seeing through the [Rob] Smoke screen . . .

Two (2) more nights left for pampering Denver bums at Boulder Shelter for the Homeless, then the emergency overnight dorms are closed until October 15th. YIPPEE!


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