Another great comment from the Daily Camera website, and more


By Max R. Weller

This comment by “InsideBBubble” is also copied from Worried about local control, Boulder to oppose homeless ‘right to rest’ act:

I think if we really thought about it, we’d all admit that the shelter was just a scam on Boulder by the county. They needed a shelter. They knew every community would object. They knew Boulder is too sanctimonious and could never say no. Now they’re all laughing at us. Schadenfreude. As in “You want these problems Boulder? You think you’re so much better than we are? Here you go.” And they ship a few more dozen.

Besides them being shipped here from other states when they get out of jail or become too much of a nuisance in places like San Francisco (which is giving them bus tickets to Boulder) since the 1960’s Boulder has been known as “freak haven”. The STP gang left New York and came to Boulder to deal drugs and live on the creek. There are a lot of gangs that call themselves “hippie tribes” that make Boulder a stop because of our awesome homeless services. All of these gangs have their own message boards and word of mouth. They know where to go. Talk to them sometime. They’ve asked me for directions when I’m walking down Pearl. “Hey…where is 5th. I heard there is a park there we can sleep at”. They have been coming to Boulder every spring and summer for decades now. They aren’t homeless. They aren’t in need. Scamming the system, robbing is their thing. They don’t need mental assistance. They’re a gang plain and simple and we’ve been providing them with economic support for decades under the guise of helping the homeless. If the gang were Latino, we would have had a task force and put out the message their behavior would not be tolerated. But because they are white and dirty we think they are hippies and harmless and help them out.

Unfortunately, Rob Smoke and Joy Redstone and the people running Bridge House and the shelter don’t want to make distinctions between itinerant travelers bumming around the country and people from the community that need help. For Rob and Joy, people being assaulted, raped, stabbed and robbed is fine because they look at this community the same way the Rainbow Family does. We’re just suckers to be bilked. If a few of us suffer life altering physical abuse they don’t care because in their eyes somehow we deserve it. We didn’t do enough. We’ve got a home. We’re selfish. There is no balance with those people.

So they’ll keep coming, ruining our town and our quality of life every spring. For some of their victims it won’t stop at quality of life, but life itself. And Joy Redstone will keep screaming how selfish we are.

Remember what has actually gone on in the past with these “homeless advocates”:


Joy and convicted rapist Jim Budd in happier times.

Here’s an exceedingly ignorant letter-to-the-editor of the DC from a Boulder do-gooder. My online comment is copied below:

In over seven years of living here in Boulder, CO and its environs, I’ve only had one negative encounter with a police officer (Sam Carter), and that was promptly resolved to my satisfaction by Boulder PD’s Professional Standards Unit (because then-Officer Carter was outside the city’s jurisdiction when he confronted me, and he also misinterpreted a citizen’s call to “check welfare” as a complaint).

I’ve had many, many friendly interactions with law enforcement officers from Boulder PD, Boulder County Sheriff’s Office, and Colorado State Patrol.

By contrast, the worst-behaved transients are constantly a thorn in my side: Stealing food and camping gear, behaving in a drunk and disorderly manner and making other homeless people (including me) look like bums, fighting, doing drugs in public, littering (sometimes, the bums even steal the trash bag I leave for their use in the 4900 block of N. Broadway, after dumping out the trash), etc.

What in blazes is a “right” to rest? I sleep outdoors precisely because the bums make it IMPOSSIBLE to rest inside any emergency overnight shelter: Snoring, flatulence, foot and body odor, loud and stupid conversations at all hours of the night, pacing around the dorms and going back and forth to the day room, etc.

These so-called homeless advocates are clueless!

I should be able to dry out my camping gear today; it’s smelling a little funky because of the recent rainfall.

That’s all for now, folks.

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