Man who ‘identifies’ as woman allowed to use women’s shower at Boulder Shelter, and more


By Max R. Weller

I might never have heard about this story, if not for my friend “Sally” (not her real name). Yesterday morning I found her cleaning out her locker at Boulder Shelter for the Homeless, and she stated emphatically that she was NEVER coming back to this facility at 4869 N. Broadway. I was quiet, and let her explain what happened. Apparently, some transgender-type with intact male genitalia is now permitted to shower upstairs in the women’s shower area, after 8AM when other homeless clients have left for the day. Sally said: “I’m NOT sharing a shower that’s been used by a man; if [he] has parts hanging down, [he] doesn’t belong in the women’s shower.” I agree with my friend — especially in view of the fact that a private room with private shower is already being provided for the frequent transgender clients at BSH. Otherwise, all those with male genitalia should be using the men’s shower, after 8AM if they’re that uncomfortable with sharing a shower with others who were born male. When I worked at the reStart overnight emergency shelter in KC, this is what we did (as well as letting the transgender-types sleep in the day room, rather than being assigned to a bunk in a gender-specific dorm).

I can’t imagine why this individual who upset Sally (and other women) is an exception to what common sense dictates. There have been transgender clients before who have gone through sex reassignment surgery, male to female, and they’ve been accepted as female by other women at BSH. That makes sense — because they now are female.

But “parts hanging down” is altogether different, and it seems very disrespectful to the women at BSH to permit this. Really, it seems like a boneheaded move by some idiot staff member, one which is inexplicable . . .

Here’s a great comment from the Daily Camera website by “boulderbest” following this article:

Guys-everyone has times in their life when they need a hand. But there is a huge difference between the homeless and the homefree that are targeting this town. If you don’t live downtown, I don’t think you get what it’s like-especially when the Rainbow Family starts moving through here.

Two years back there was a brand new Volvo station wagon with Maine plates on it parked in my neighborhood for a couple of weeks. The people weren’t camping in it, but they’d store gear in it and then come back at night to pick up there gear and go sleep in the yard of an office I live nearby. The woman that was with them would drink all day long on pearl street. The guys she was with were more mellow. But she was so loud. One night she was out here at 3 am screaming and yelling for over an hour arguing about which of the guys would be her sex partner that night. Me and several of my neighbors called the cops. While on the phone with the police I was trying to get the plate number on the car and the woman spit on me and yelled I was a fat bit** and why didn’t I get my husband out there so she could suck his c*** and show him what a real woman was. She yelled and screamed at my neighbor. Kept him from sleeping so he could get up and go to work in the morning.

When the cops showed up they knew her. They’d already given several warnings that day on the mall. They didn’t ticket her. The woman and her partners got their camping gear and went to go sleep in a nearby park. They stayed here several more weeks, bumming money and drinking downtown all day. They weren’t homeless. It’s just a lifestyle they pick up in the summer, bumming around.

It’s very very difficult to devote a few hours of time at 3 am on a weeknight to “homefree” problems. That kind of thing can throw off your sleeping pattern for weeks. And in the summer you can have several nights a week where you’re dealing with these issues. People like Joy Redstone and the people running Bridge House don’t care what impact their activities have on the community. There is no balance with them. It’s all or nothing. If every resident downtown doesn’t want to be a full time social worker devoting every sleeping and waking moment to the people being brought here, we’re selfish. We’ve had people with really deep mental problems dumped here for years terrorizing our neighborhood. Spitting on us, chasing us down the street. It’s terrifying. Our neighborhoods aren’t mental institutions. We don’t have the skills and resources to deal one of these people, much less the 40 or 50 that are here on any given night.

^^ Amen to that.

Every single one of these clowns who is running for re-election this Fall should be defeated:

Three Stooges X 3 (a.k.a. Boulder City Council)

Looks like the weather will be improving, beginning tomorrow: National Weather Service forecast. Tonight, I’ll just muddle through by reading a novel and snacking on unhealthy foods.


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