100,000 views from over 100 countries, and more


By Max R. Weller

Since May, 2012 this blog is averaging almost 100 views per day. Not bad for a homeless guy who lives underneath a tarp in a field in north Boulder, CO for the past seven years.

Because the Daily Camera’s own website is screwing up Internet Explorer on the computer I’m using (the DC on Facebook is okay), I’ll post shelter info here for all of the pansies who aren’t prepared to endure a bit of rain and snow: Resources for the homeless in Boulder, CO.

More of why we can appreciate bums who flock to our fair city:


This is Boulder Colorado Facebook photo

Comment following photo by This is Boulder Colorado: This is at the west end of the Pearl Street mall, on the sidewalk between the Boulder Book Store and parking garage. Apparently the transients are living on the roof of the parking garage. When they’re done with their business they throw their condoms over on to the sidewalk. Boulder is weird for sure. Should we be happy they’re practicing safe sex?

Comment by me: I’ve found used condoms on the floor of the men’s shower area at Boulder Shelter for the Homeless; I suppose it’s a good thing that gay transients from Denver and elsewhere are practicing safe sex. 

Now we know what disaffected Fairview students are doing instead of taking mandatory tests. I wonder, will these spoiled brats be listing “bombmaking” on their résumés? See: Boulder police: Students tried to torch Fairview High School with Molotov cocktails to extend spring break from the Daily Camera.


Fairview High protesters: Future clients of Boulder’s homeless shelter/services industry. 

Although the ground is saturated after more than 24 hours of steady precipitation, I’m hoping my burrow will be comfortable enough to sleep in tonight. Regardless of that, it’s still much better the bedbug-infested shelter with its snoring, farting, hacking up phlegm, loud and stupid conversations at all hours during the night, etc.

Tonight at my campsite: Cap’n Crunch, perhaps?


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