A good day to remain in your burrow, and more


By Max R. Weller

I’m told that this ad from the A&P in my old hometown of Lexington, MO appeared in the newspaper there in 1981 (my guess was way off):


(Facebook photo by Todd A. Good)

File under Wishful Thinking:

What Boulder City Council needs to do is undertake an independent performance audit of our city’s homeless shelter/services industry — with an eye on actual results, not empty promises to either “end” or to “address” homelessness. I’m certain it would reveal that the nonprofits are scamming the public, spending millions of dollars from both public and private funding sources with little or nothing to show for it!

It would be the first step to real reform . . .

I’m wondering, how many ambulance and police calls have been made so far to Boulder CO’s Housing First facility at 1175 Lee Hill, since it opened last Fall? The HF advocates claim that this program cuts down on the use of emergency services by its clients, but it seems to me that there are more calls than ever — now that more chronically homeless substance abusers with a dual diagnosis of mental illness have become a part of Boulder Housing Partners’ Homeless Ghetto. Some of the 31 residents at 1175 Lee Hill are from outside of Boulder County, so neighbors were misled on that point (and many others).


It’s the local snake oil social services cure-all!

(Use at your own risk.)

I’d NEVER buy a used car from Betsey Martens, Greg Harms, or Isabel McDevitt. Would you?

BTW, I’m going to give up on maintaining a cache of canned goods at my campsite; some no-account transient stole about $20 worth of food yesterday, which makes several times this has happened. Any homeless person who steals from another homeless person is just about as low as a snake’s belly in a wagon rut. And Boulder Shelter for the Homeless wants the bums to stick around for another fifteen nights, through April 30th! Unbelievable . . .

If I were to move away from Boulder, CO it would be to Alaska:

Tonight at my campsite: Comfort food, as I wait for the rain/snow to end.


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