Weird people I’ve encountered here in Boulder, and more


By Max R. Weller

One of the cyberstalkers on the Daily Camera website has actually used “Max_Weller” as his screen name (in addition to more than a dozen others)! Of course, I felt I had to report that and point out to the DC’s website administrator that this obsessed fan of mine is making the newspaper itself look foolish and impotent. The best way for the DC to deal with this childish nonsense is to switch to a Facebook login for anybody wanting to comment on a news story or an opinion piece. If it’s good enough for The New York Times, it should be good enough for the Boulder Fishwrap.

The past few days, an uninvited male transient I’d never seen before has been coming to my spot in the 4900 block of N. Broadway. He sits near me, reading a book as I usually do, BUT he’s smoking up a storm and ruining my ability to enjoy the fresh air. He also trashes the area, leaving it to me to pick up after him. The one time he went out to the corner of N. Broadway & U.S. 36 to “fly a sign” he stood at the same place in the median I do, held his sign in the same way I do, and was quiet and respectful to passersby as I am; because he’s a stranger there, he didn’t make any money and gave it up quickly. Even so, this Monkey See Monkey Do behavior is slightly unsettling for me, given the other weirdo(s) I have to deal with almost daily.

It’s more evidence that a certain segment of the homeless population is simply unable to figure things out for themselves, and the do-gooders do NOTHING to help them learn necessary coping skills so they can become more independent.

I’m not interested in being a de facto role model. This guy (and others like him) needs to start relying more on himself. Most of all, he needs to get the Hell away from me . . .

A photo of the remodeled Main Branch Library at 1001 Arapahoe, from an interesting perspective:


(Boulder Public Library Facebook photo)

I hope that the biggest problem at this facility will continue to be addressed by the presence of Boulder PD officers, which needs to be ongoing, until such time as the City of Boulder gets a handle on the worst-behaved transients from Denver and elsewhere.

My humble suggestion: Cut the crime rate: close Bridge House.

Data from the 2015 MDHI Point-in-Time Survey, which took place back in January, remains unavailable at this point, but I’ll keep an eye out for it and report here.

Tonight at my campsite: barbecued pulled pork sandwiches. Not Arthur Bryant’s, but okay in the culinary wasteland of Boulder. Let me be blunt — tofu sucks.


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