A new record for views in a 24-hour period, and more


By Max R. Weller

528 views of this blog yesterday (Greenwich Mean Time), including 148 in a single hour. I count this as a pretty successful April Fools’ Day prank: The Homeless Philosopher is moving to Hawaii for a year. A clothing optional artists’ colony in Oahu, offering me a full year in residence and airfare on their dime? Not going to happen in this lifetime . . .

Snow in the forecast; as always, I’m prepared for it at my campsite. You couldn’t pay me to stay at either Boulder Shelter for the Homeless or Boulder Outreach for Homeless Overflow at any of its sites — considering the noise, stench, and filthy conditions which prevail at all of these venues. Mostly dirty buggers from Denver, too, consuming resources which ought to be prioritized for Boulder County’s own homeless residents. No doubt, Bridge House will be hard at work during the day to enable these transients — to the detriment of the downtown Boulder, CO area.

Ann Arbor, MI 2012

It would be great if hardy outdoor-types here could put up tents (see photo above), then tarps over the tents as extra protection from the elements, but the Boulder do-gooders are bound and determined to force ALL homeless people into the dehumanizing social services system, where they will typically languish for the rest of their lives. NOT ME, not as long as I can do otherwise; a tarp over the top of a zero degree-rated sleeping bag and several blankets will keep you warm and cozy (and another tarp underneath as a ground cover is advisable). It’s vital to STAY SOBER, as well.

Remember: More Homeless People = More Money for both government agencies and most private nonprofits*, and this is the strongest deterrent to effective approaches for “ending” homelessness there is. j3bsu

Greg Harms, the $90,000 annual salary guy at BSH


LBJ, perhaps the worst president in American history

Tonight at my campsite: King Soopers deli ham salad and crackers, and Froot Loops for dessert.

* OM Build in Madison, WI has embraced the Tiny House model — a promising alternative to ghetto-style housing projects.


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