The Homeless Philosopher is moving to Hawaii for a year

By Max R. Weller

A few months ago, I received an e-mail from someone associated with an “artists’ colony” on the Island of Oahu, home to the majority of Hawaii’s population (including many, many homeless people who moved there from the U.S. Mainland). I’ve corresponded with this young lady on a regular basis since then.

My blog came to her attention in the usual way, when she was surfing the Internet for info on homelessness. Long story made short, the board of directors of this organization has offered me a one-year “scholarship” — all expenses paid, including airfare to and from Oahu — to stay at their tropical retreat and devote myself to writing a book about the subject, as I see it from firsthand experience.

Not a daunting task, when you consider worthless books like The Girl’s Guide to Homelessness by Brianna Karp. If such a load of crap can get published, why not a book by me?

Of equal importance in my mind is the opportunity to live for a year in an exotic locale, far away from all of the pretentious nonsense which is Boulder, CO. Chief Niwot was spot-on, if in fact he actually uttered the famous quote: “People seeing the beauty of this valley will want to stay, and their staying will be the undoing of the beauty.”

The only thing which causes me a little bit of concern is that this artists’ colony in Oahu is clothing optional — and over half of the painters, sculptors, musicians, and writers in residence are female. It’s one thing to display my fat and hairy 59-year-old body in the men’s shower area at Boulder Shelter for the Homeless; something else to do so in the presence of ladies who might point and laugh.

Wish me luck!


8 thoughts on “The Homeless Philosopher is moving to Hawaii for a year

  1. Sarah

    Wow Max! What a wonderful adventure! I can’t help but compare it to our move to Ecuador!! I am hoping for you….to have the quality experiences of your life!! Your book will be GREAT! You are a good writer! (Did you have Mrs. Seiter in high school?). I can’t wait for your blog to begin in Hawaii!!!

    PS: Did I tell you my husband died here in Cuenca in mid January?

  2. Terzah

    I believed this at first too–I was torn between being happy for you and sad for myself (and I was going to ask you if I could edit the book!!). Then I remembered the date…..


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