Max’s Journal 3/31/2015


By Max R. Weller

I didn’t realize that it was possible to wear out a pair of Crocs, but due to my odd gait I’m now sporting a hole in the heel of the left shoe. A friend got them for me a couple of years ago, and I’ve worn the ugly things daily since then, even in the snow (my bad hip makes it impossible for me to bend over far enough to put on socks, anyway). They’re cheap, and I’ll be happy to give Walmart more of my money to get a new pair.

Let’s be brutally frank, shall we? We’ll see a Tiny House Village (like the one below) here in Boulder, CO when the devil straps on ice skates. It doesn’t involve millions and millions of taxpayer dollars — serving a relatively small number of the homeless population like the horribly inefficient Housing First model — and nobody is getting awards and nationwide recognition for actually addressing homelessness in a reasonable way, ASAP. Instead, let’s have another phony 10-Year Plan to End (or to “Address”) Homelessness, and continue to make the problem bigger! More backslapping congratulations for Greg Harms and Betsey Martens, too, in case they don’t give themselves enough credit (admittedly, this is unlikely).


Inexpensive and functional

A guy I’d like to see homeless: He’s a closet Republican, who won’t marry his significant other despite having adopted two kids:

King Jared the Pretender (Only in Boulder)

From the Denver Post: Denver may decide soon on public toilet try-out on downtown streets. Two thoughts occur to me:

1) The bums will tear this “loo” up in a very short time; and

2) Other bums will be sleeping in the loo.

Portland Loo

A Portland Loo public toilet stands in Portland, Ore. (Photo courtesy Madden Fabrication)

A special announcement will be published here tomorrow! Stay tuned . . .


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