24 nights left for transients at Boulder Shelter for the Homeless, and more



By Max R. Weller

April 15th will be the last night this season. Good riddance to this year’s crowd of bums from Denver and elsewhere! It’s so much quieter and cleaner during the six months over the summer when this place is only open from 6-8AM every morning . . .

Part of the problem has been so many new staff members at BSH who apparently haven’t been properly trained to deal with the “clients” they’re supposed to supervise during the overnight hours. Example from yesterday morning: As I was waiting at the north door for the facility to open at 6AM, I observed yet another new homeless guy come into the area by the front intake office with one of the newer female employees. In my opinion — speaking as one who has previous work experience at homeless shelters in other cities — there’s entirely too much casual conversation in the guise of counseling going on at BSH and this episode went beyond that. The young lady perched on the counter, as the homeless guy paced back and forth, and at one point he stood closer to her than seemed appropriate to me. Within a few minutes after their talk began, which I’m happy NOT to have been able to hear, her legs were beginning to swing back and forth as she sat on the counter. Excuse me, but this is the body language of a woman beginning to respond to a man’s come-on; it’s NOT what you would expect from anyone in a position of authority over some transient from who-knows-where.


Altogether, they conversed/flirted for 15 minutes, before it was time to open the door for us hardy outdoor-types to enter.

If the Homeless Philosopher were to be put in charge of training staff, I’d drill one lesson into their heads above all others — homeless people are almost always in full BS mode whenever they’re talking to anyone in authority. You must take whatever they say with that in mind, or the bums are certain to bamboozle you.

Believe me, the young lady in the incident described above can’t possibly be lacking for the attention of men who are her peers, being rather good-looking (albeit naive).

> A brief light shower last night, and thunderstorms in the forecast for this PM, but I’ll remain warm and dry in my burrow. And I have half a box of Girl Scout cookies left to snack on, the shortbread variety, and the mice ain’t getting a single one:

> I have to laugh at parents who are allowing their precious little darlings to opt out of standardized tests in local school districts. What’s going to happen to these self-centered youngsters the first time they face a critical evaluation on the job? “Mommy told me I don’t have to participate!” This won’t fly, not at all:

The [Boss] Can’t Keep Me Down!

Maybe they all expect to be trustafarians, in which case a lot of them are bound to be traumatized by reality.

> Too many violent, crazy characters are wandering around as evidenced by recent crimes in Longmont, CO. Civil rights? Humbug! Society has a right to protect itself, and this has been forgotten in too many cases. The killers need to be in secure psychiatric facilities 24/7 forever; there’s no effective treatment for these poor souls.

Tonight at my campsite: Whatever I find on sale this morning at King Soopers on Table Mesa.


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