Nonprofit board chairs LIE


By Max R. Weller

Read the Guest Opinion in the Daily Camera by George Epp, Nancy Brinks, and Jeff Kahn.

These three nonprofit board chairs fail to mention the following:

Via (formerly known as Special Transit), which operates the HOP buses here, sends a Free Bus to Boulder Shelter for the Homeless every weekday at 8AM to provide transportation to 11th & Walnut in Boulder; in the evening, the Free Bus reverses its route and makes the return trip from 11th & Walnut to BSH at 4869 N. Broadway. This has been offered for years during the wintertime season from October into April, when emergency overnight dorms are open for the homeless.

Many homeless people I see on a daily basis, as I ride the SKIP, are paying the discount fare of $1.10 or using the discount monthly pass (also half-price). BTW, I pay full fare and always have, which is no financial hardship at all because I’m not spending my money on cigarettes, booze, and dope.

There’s a new scam of homeless people serving as “aides” for others riding on RTD; the so-called aides ride for free. True story: One recent morning, as I was ready to board the SKIP, a transient came up to me and asked if I could help him with bus fare. I offered to loan him $2.25 (the current full fare), but he declined it and insisted instead that I should let him serve as my aide so he could ride for free, and rip off RTD. I refused to be a party to this, and he got angry about it.

Encouraging the entitlement mentality among homeless people in Boulder, CO is counterproductive, as we’ve seen with the influx of transients from Denver and elsewhere in recent years.

Lying by omission is still lying, and these nonprofit board chairs ought to be ashamed of themselves!

I award them the Homeless Philosopher’s Pinocchio:

Jiminy Cricket would have a full-time job holding the nonprofits in Boulder, CO accountable.

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