Max’s Journal 3/3/2015


By Max R. Weller

I happen to be in Boulder, CO this morning at the Main Branch Library at 1001 Arapahoe. It might be Saturday before I again have access to the Internet, so I thought I’d put in a quick word now for the benefit of fans and detractors alike. Well, for fans at least . . .

After spending last night at my campsite, I’ll be back indoors with my friends in Longmont for the next three nights. I understand why babysitters could be frightened by my appearance, and have no problem making myself scarce when necessary:

The Homeless Philosopher

Of course, the kids themselves don’t mind, and that comes from knowing me for a few years,

After all, they don’t read the newspapers, which report only the criminal wrongdoing and self-destructive ways of the worst-behaved homeless people (mostly transients from Denver and elsewhere), nor do these 8-year-old fraternal twins drive around to observe the drunks/dope fiends panhandling in an aggressive manner. Thank goodness, too, that they haven’t been exposed to charitable solicitations from our worthless local homeless shelter/services providers.

I’d hate to think that kindhearted youngsters emptied out their piggy banks to aid what REALLY goes on at Bridge House, as one example.

Snow is falling thickly outside around 10AM, as I gaze out the windows from my computer station on the 2nd Floor here. BTW, the Main Branch of BPL has begun opening at 9AM and closing at 8PM, a change which is long overdue. See new hours for all branches here.

I enjoyed riding the SKIP around its loop at the south end of Boulder, before getting off at King Soopers on Table Mesa earlier. There is a great view of the ranchland on Greenbriar Blvd. along with the Foothills, and I love street names like Silver Plume, Smuggler, and Tincup along the route.

I haven’t paid any attention to the news lately, so have nothing to say about it except that I’m probably better off for it. What passes for “news” these days is mostly gossip, innuendo, and speculation based on partisan prejudices.

I do believe I’ll be returning to CU’s Norlin Library in the near future, where I’ve found a cozy corner where there is almost never a Froot Loop to distract me with loud music leaking out of his headphones as he watches some violent animated junk on the Internet (right next to me, on the left), nor do I encounter somebody directly across from me bouncing around in his seat to who-knows-what (likely some half-nekkid video ho).

Oh, well . . . I’ll go over to a seat by the windows to watch the snowfall, thank my lucky stars that I’ll be inside tonight, and eat donut holes from my trip to the grocery store.


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