A few days away from the Internet


By Max R. Weller

Because my friends in Longmont have packed up their computer in their preparations to move to a new home, I’ll be reading a lot and working on ideas for a short story rather than blogging for the next few days. I’m told that I’m a good houseguest, so I no longer feel like I’m imposing in accepting their kind invitation to come indoors out of the winter weather.

The advantage of REAL writing involves more than money, of course; it also provides the protection of a copyright which could be enforced by whoever publishes my work (NO self-publishing for me). It’s regrettable, but not surprising, that WordPress chooses NOT to enforce their own Terms of Service in re one of the deranged cyberstalkers who is also a plagiarist, but if it gives me the impetus to write seriously then the Froot Loop has done me a favor — just as he has done everyone on the streets a favor by posting Resources for the homeless in Boulder, CO as his own work.

So, not to worry about my absence from here for a while . . .

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