‘Boulder’s expanded outdoor smoking ban gets final approval’ and more


By Max R. Weller

Here’s the link to this story from the Daily Camera. It was also featured on the DC’s Facebook page, and the comments below are copied from there:

Max Weller: Inconsiderate smoking addicts have brought this on themselves, because the more than 80 percent of us who don’t smoke are sick and tired of their BS. NOBODY has the right to pollute my airspace with tobacco smoke, nor with marijuana smoke. BTW, it’s absurd to claim that this ban is targeting the homeless — I’m homeless myself, I haven’t smoked since high school over 40 years ago, and I respect others who appreciate fresh air in our public spaces.

Jake Stimmel: As a homeless person I presume you smell bad sometimes. But I respect your right to “pollute” MY fresh air with any body odor you please. You can’t afford me the same respect? Please

Max Weller: You’re mistaken, and ignorant for believing one of the negative stereotypes because the worst-behaved 20 percent of the homeless have poor hygiene. The other 80 percent of us shower daily and use deodorant and do laundry when necessary, too. Crawl back under your arrogant, presumptuous rock with Isabel McDevitt, Greg Harms, and Betsey Martens.

You know, there are a lot of ignorant Jake Stimmel-types here in Boulder, CO — and what little they think they know about homelessness comes from encounters with that small minority of the worst-behaved bums, and from the LIES they’ve been told by the nonprofits. We’re all substance abusers, mentally ill, sex offenders, helpless and needy, etc. Wake up, Jake! The nonprofits don’t make millions of dollars off the majority of homeless folks like me . . .

When I arrived at Boulder Shelter for the Homeless this morning around 5:20AM, I observed two police vehicles parked on the north side where the SKIP buses pick up passengers. The second officer responding was just entering the facility, and when I got to the door where I stand and meditate until BSH opens at 6, I thought I heard a woman’s screams coming from the day room, far down the hallway. A few minutes later, however, it was a scruffy-looking MAN who was escorted out of the door by two of Boulder’s finest. They made certain that the screaming yahoo got onto the SKIP that was leaving, southbound on Broadway.

Seems to me that if you don’t want to abide by a few simple rules — which boil down to respecting others — and BSH staff tells you to leave, you should do so without all of the silly drama that isn’t going to change anything in your favor. No doubt, this character was another transient from Denver or elsewhere, probably under the influence of alcohol and/or other drugs. He was taking an overnight bunk away from a homeless resident of Boulder County, too.

Great news from King Soopers: Hot fish sandwiches are once again available in the deli, as they are every Lenten season. These are a tasty treat to me, not a sacrifice at all. $1.99 each with your store card.

That’s it for now, as we should be preparing for another bout with snow turning to ice, mostly due to Boulder’s policy of “solar-powered” snow removal.

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