Max’s Journal 2/4/2015


By Max R. Weller


Another guy from SoCal?

A new Lance Armstrong scandal! This time, he threw his girlfriend under the bus: Armstrong given two tickets after car crash from the Aspen Daily News online. It’s news worldwide because of Armstrong’s celebrity status, but the Boulder Daily Camera has buried the story so deep that 99 percent of readers won’t see it at all; can’t risk offending the spandex-clad ninnies here who still believe Lance is a hero. Like I said elsewhere, steroid abuse over a period of years will shrink your manhood, apparently in more ways than one. Letting his girlfriend take the rap! What a loser . . .

I’m hoping the temps will either drop significantly or get up into the 50s by Friday; nothing worse than sleeping outdoors with slushy snow around the freezing mark. In any case, I’ve benefited greatly by a lengthy vacation indoors with friends in Longmont.

And speaking of indoors, here’s an interesting report from the Rochester (NY) Democrat & Chronicle: Homeless find sanctuary at heated warehouse. If this works out well, it will be an exception to what usually occurs, when the lowest common denominator of homeless people begin behaving badly. If and when that happens, of course, EVERYBODY will get the heave-ho . . .


Boulder approves expanded outdoor smoking ban . . .

That’s all, folks. Time for a nap.


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