Facebook status 2/4/2015


By Max R. Weller

Copied here in its entirety:

After living in Boulder, CO since early 2008, I’ve concluded that the typical do-gooder here possesses the IQ of a fence post. There are still some of these self-righteous clowns who jump to the conclusion that I’m a wealthy white elite living in a McMansion up in the Foothills, just because I comment on homelessness in a way that is NOT supportive of the approach taken by the private nonprofits and government agencies. Their approach is, of course, a FAILURE. As many, or more, homeless people can be found on our streets in 2015 as when I arrived seven years ago.

What’s hilarious is when these unwitting do-gooders want to lecture me on what it’s like being homeless, based almost solely on what they’ve read in some left-wing rag like The Huffington Post, with a dash of BS from Bridge House added.

In the end, they wind up being guided by characters like these:



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