What’s up with year-round cyclists?


By Max R. Weller

My rant of the day:

LOL! How can cyclists around here NOT appreciate all that they’ve been given by everyone else? Literally hundreds of miles of bike lanes, bike paths, bike trails, along with bike parks and other facilities, and I see the CDOT and/or Boulder County street sweepers clearing sand and dirt from bike lanes frequently. It’s MILLIONS OF DOLLARS worth of amenities and maintenance for cyclists, and instead of being grateful, all that a few of them can do is hold out their greedy, self-entitled hands to demand more. A pox on them, the spandex-clad ninnies who try to run pedestrians down on our sidewalks in north Boulder, especially around Amante at N. Broadway & Yarmouth.

I feel better now . . .


Longmont cyclist advocates for improved winter biking conditions

(Mother Nature ignores him)


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