‘Boulder County reports highest number of flu hospitalizations in 7 years’


By Max R. Weller, UB*

Read the report in the Daily Camera. My DC online comment follows:

In case anyone is wondering about the prevalence of contagious diseases like the flu at Boulder Shelter for the Homeless and Boulder Outreach for Homeless Overflow, where men and women are packed together like sardines and very few have the courtesy to cover their coughing/sneezing, it’s terrible every winter. No doubt, this is also true for the homeless people’s day center, Bridge House.

What makes it worse in the case of BSH (I’ve never seen BOHO, so I don’t know), is that the place is absolutely FILTHY. Nobody sweeps and mops the floors in the men’s emergency dorm or restroom/shower area, and I’m told it’s the same for the women. Why aren’t the Transition Program residents, who have a guaranteed bunk every night, required to do simple housekeeping chores like this? It’s inexcusable, and most Boulderites wouldn’t let their dogs stay overnight in such conditions.

To my knowledge, no other homeless shelter in America asks so little from their program clients. What a bunch of lazy slugs these characters be! Remember all this the next time someone solicits you for a donation . . .

BTW, I refuse to stay overnight at BSH and counsel others to do likewise, if they’re able to make alternative arrangements when it’s frigid outdoors.

I’ll mention the bedbugs, which took up permanent residence at this facility almost 5 years ago, in this blog post. These bloodsuckers were the Final Straw for me, back in April of 2010, and I’ve never stayed overnight there since.


You’d think that the executive director and higher-ups at BSH would be ashamed to take money, goods, and services from kindhearted donors and FAIL to turn it to the advantage of their homeless clients.

You’d be wrong. The people running local nonprofits here in Boulder, CO have no shame . . .

*Uppity Bum

Addendum (now that I think about it): In every other city I’m acquainted with, homeless people themselves are doing almost all of the unskilled maintenance work at shelters and day centers, usually on a “voluntary” basis, but as paid workers in some cases. THOSE PLACES ARE CLEAN! The same is true in jails and prisons; it’s the inmates who do the necessary chores and keep things shipshape. I’ve never seen anything like the entitlement mentality of transients in Boulder, CO who expect to be catered to by others, including Boulder County’s own homeless residents who will work. I’m damn tired of bums from Denver and elsewhere; if they want to live like pigs, let’s close down the shelter . . . 


2 thoughts on “‘Boulder County reports highest number of flu hospitalizations in 7 years’

  1. pimom1

    Max, mu husband and his parents were Salvation Army officers. His mom tell me that back in the 1940’s (depression I think) they ran the emergency quarters up in North Dakota. EVERY three days, mom would wash the wool blankets in soapy Clorox water…with a scrub board! The sheets were washed every day/use, after the residents left for the day. I’m sure Toms father required some kind of responsibility his whole life if the shelter residents! If nothing else they could do, but attend church services….which were always mandatory 😜


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