BOYCOTT the Point-in-Time Survey, and more


By Max R. Weller

Read Boulder, Longmont recruiting volunteers to help count the homeless in the Daily Camera and the Times-Call. Quoting from the article below:

After the sun sets on Jan. 26, teams of volunteers will head out into the streets, parks and shelters of Boulder County to count and survey homeless people.

On Thursday, the cities of Boulder and Longmont, working in conjunction with the county, announced they are recruiting extra volunteers to help administer the “Point-in-Time Homeless Survey,” which is done around the same time every year in cities around the country.

“It’s basically to count people who are experiencing homelessness,” said Isabel McDevitt of Boulder nonprofit Bridge House, which serves the homeless and is coordinating this year’s volunteer efforts for the survey.

“I think that, generally, the reason to participate is that the more we know about the scope of homelessness — who’s homeless, the challenges they have, the number of homeless people — we can better address the problem,” McDevitt added. “It’s a really important effort to putting a scope around what we need to do as a community to address the problem.”

What a slickster Ms. McDevitt is! My online comment on both the DC and T-C websites follows:

If you’re homeless, be like me: BOYCOTT the upcoming Point-in-Time Survey, a de facto census of the homeless population all across America. The data is used to justify more funding (from both public and private sources) for the homeless shelter/services industry, as misguided and corrupt a bunch of people as you’ll find anywhere . . .

The “chronically” homeless are only a small percentage of all homeless people. And there is plenty of evidence that calls into question the efficacy of the Housing First model. Example:…

1175 Lee Hill here in Boulder, CO (the 31-unit HF apartment project built for well over $6 million, with huge ongoing operating costs) has already seen one violent altercation resulting in the eviction of a client (now residing in Boulder County Jail), and ambulance calls there continue apace. It’s only been open a couple of months, but there are NO SAVINGS to the taxpayers whatsoever. 


Greg Harms and Betsey Martens (with “facilitator” at the mic) end public meeting in re 1175 Lee Hill

What about the dangerously icy streets and sidewalks in Boulder, CO?

The City of Boulder has already equipped itself, at taxpayer expense of course, with snowplows and drivers along with fuel for the trucks and other necessities to deal with routine snow removal.

FAILURE to put them all on the streets in a timely manner is almost criminal, because it causes injury to the citizens which might be prevented.

It’s neither manly nor heroic to pretend that we must do without that which has already been paid for: snow removal like that practiced in eastern cities — where it also snows as much or more than it does here. People wouldn’t bend over and take the abuse in Kansas City (as one example) that they do from city officials in Boulder, CO.

Talking about “personal responsibility” is NOT going to keep that 18-wheeler from sliding across the center line and colliding with a school bus — but plowing the @&$%ing roads could!

Unused and unwanted?

How come the Daily Camera itself isn’t making Colorado Open Records Act (CORA) requests in re municipalization? Seems to me the local newspaper is neglecting its duty to the public.

With luck, I’ll have Cap’n Crunch to snack on tonight, since I offered a $5 bribe to one of my hosts.

That’s all for now, folks.


3 thoughts on “BOYCOTT the Point-in-Time Survey, and more

  1. g lowell

    As a 61-year New Hampshire resident new to Boulder County, the DPW response to snow and ice is criminal. My son’s street in Martin Acres was, literally, a skating rink yesterday and remains so today. WTF? Are there no sandpits around with which to get sand to spread? Somebody is going to get killed


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