Will anything change in the Boulder Bubble in 2015?


By Max R. Weller

My question is prompted by this editorial in the Daily Camera: Time to reclaim local minimum wage authority. My comment on the DC website follows:

Okay, let’s try this experiment, and jump through the legal hoops necessary to permit Boulder to raise the minimum wage here to $15/hour.

Then let’s see how many employers are willing to hire the graduates of Bridge House’s taxpayer-funded “Ready to Work” program, in which homeless substance abusers take the pledge to be clean and sober (most of ’em relapse) as they currently work 20 hours a week for $8/hour, picking up trash and doing minor landscaping or other chores — under the supervision of city workers, of course.

LMAO! Rainbows and Unicorns . . .


Demanding accountability from those homeless people who are consuming a disproportionate amount of social services is to be considered “vitriol” and coddling them instead is an answer.


As just one example: “Housing First saves taxpayers’ money!” from my blog. HF is a big, fat lie. The 1175 Lee Hill project here in Boulder, CO (31 units at an initial cost of well over $6 million) has already seen the eviction of one client involved in a violent, drunken altercation (he currently resides in Boulder County Jail) and ambulance calls continue apace. Look at Karluk Manor in Anchorage, AK.

Self-styled homeless advocates inside the Boulder Bubble disregard reality — and their misguided compassion is not only darned expensive, it helps NOBODY in the long run.

What will it take to make Boulderites see the truth about the FAILURE of their current Social Services for Everyone Who Shows Up model? Sadly, It will probably be a violent crime committed by a transient against one of our wealthy white elites. If and when this happens, things will change in a hurry . . . Bet on it!


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