Joy Eckstine Redstone: We need more!


By Max R. Weller

Read her Guest Opinion, A plea for year-round shelter for the homeless, in the Daily Camera.

My comment on the DC website is copied below:

Only one homeless person died of “environmental hypothermia” in 2014 according to the coroner, Paul Klavoon (registered sex offender) back in September:…

Klavoon was found guilty of 1st Degree Sexual Abuse and 1st Degree Sodomy in New York state, then went to Florida after that, and finally drifted here to Boulder, CO.

He should have stayed in Florida. But, because Boulder is known all across America as the place to be if you’re a transient, especially a registered sex offender (we have one of the few homeless shelters left which still accepts them) Mr. Klavoon came here.

BTW, Boulder Shelter for the Homeless does allow intoxicated men and women to stay overnight — so long as they behave themselves and aren’t drunk to the point of requiring medical attention (in which case the police, paramedics, or Boulder County Cares will give ’em a ride to detox at the Addiction Recovery Center). The problem is that you find the worst-behaved bunch of alcoholics anywhere here in Boulder; I’ve known many of them, including some who have died from alcohol-related causes.

One of Joy Eckstine Redstone’s professional roles is that of addiction counselor. Apparently, she’s not helping substance abusers here, or they wouldn’t be dying in such numbers. Granted, most of ’em don’t want to get clean and sober, but it just seems wrong somehow to turn addiction “treatment” into a money-making enterprise.

Cue the haters, who don’t like it when anyone with firsthand knowledge tells it like it is.

Really, how much credibility does this woman have?


And when is enough going to be enough for the transients who flock to Boulder, CO looking for the Big Rock Candy Mountain?


I’ve said it many times before — from a humanitarian standpoint, we owe them nothing more than the $5 bus ticket on RTD back to Denver, along with a couple of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and a bottle of water to-go.


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