Laugh for the day, frigid weather, and more


By Max R. Weller

Comment by “haydukelives1” — the cyberstalker who uses multiple screen names to follow me around on the Daily Camera website, and also tout his own blog which is devoted to me in an obsessed way — following a recent DC column by Steve Pomerance:

Max, do your “friends” know you are using their computer and ISP/IP address to post on the DC’s comment board with a fake account?

Have you told them about the details of your morbid criminal history yet or are you deceiving them about that too?

The day that this Froot Loop contacts any third party to harass them, is the same day I’ll be going to law enforcement to file a criminal complaint per CRS 18-3-602. I’ve recorded the IP addresses of comments sent to this blog (which were never published), presumably by the same Foot Loop, and the harassing comments themselves are also preserved as evidence. In addition, the Daily Camera can be compelled to disclose relevant info pertaining to this individual’s comments posted on their website. Having said all that, let me quickly add that this character is more COMICAL than threatening — so long as he confines his delusional focus to me, exclusively.

The current National Weather Service forecast is for more of the same. I knew we would all be paying for that Indian Summer we enjoyed earlier.

Not a word about keeping Boulder Shelter for the Homeless open during the day while this dangerous cold snap lasts — but, by golly, they do want your money. Makes me want to puke! I remember the time, a few years ago, when BSH hosted a string quartet at the shelter facility in a daytime fundraiser; homeless people were NOT welcome to attend.

Our fine dining critic, Mr. Anton Jackson, has this review of the local homeless people’s day center at 1120 1/2 Pine:


They serve great spaghetti at lunch, I hear. BYOB.

Interesting story here: 2014 may be first year ever with no below-zero temps in Anchorage from the Alaska Dispatch News. However, the article also states this:

The frigid year of 1957 had a record 75 below-zero days.

Happy New Year in 2015 to everyone!


One thought on “Laugh for the day, frigid weather, and more

  1. homelessphilosopher Post author

    After taking a closer look at viewer stats, it seems clear that “haydukelives1” and his multiple personalities are generating more views of my blog every time he/they start in on a series of rants.
    Thank you, Mr. Froot Loop!


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