Life-threatening weather conditions are here


By Max R. Weller


Why do I have a slogan like the one above? It’s because I’ve seen the donations that you make to local nonprofits go for other uses than you generous folks intended. Blankets and comforters at the intake desk at Boulder Shelter for the Homeless are hoarded for the benefit of homeless people lucky enough to get in at night after playing the lottery for a bunk, and for those in the Transition Program. If you’re turned away after drawing a high number during evening intake, you may or may not get a blanket or comforter as you leave to seek shelter elsewhere. If you ask for one in the morning to take with you into the single-digit temps outside during the day, you’re almost certain to be refused and are instead told to come back at night between 5 and 7PM.

The same idiotic policy applies to “homeless disaster blankets” provided to BSH by the Red Cross. It’s NOT a Red Cross policy; it’s the bozos running the shelter doing this.

Really, people, the best thing you could do is to drive around during the daylight hours and offer your donation DIRECTLY to the homeless on the streets. I’m not sure Boulder Public Library would object if you showed up at the Main Branch to do a bit of charity, but you should ask them first. I’d recommend that you avoid any big crowd of homeless people, who tend to mob anyone giving away Free Stuff. Look instead for those who are alone, or in very small groups.

See the National Weather Service forecast.

Also see Resources for the homeless in Boulder, CO. I’ve attempted to post this link on the Daily Camera website, but it’s currently being reviewed by the moderator(s). Who knows the reason why? Maybe dead homeless people are more “newsworthy” than the living we could save from becoming human popsicles, or maybe the DC is just being petty because of my past criticisms of their clueless reportage in re homelessness.

As for me, I’ve found shelter at my usual hideout in Longmont, CO. Right now, I think I’ll mosey upstairs and make another pot of decaf coffee, and laugh some more at my cyberstalker, who has inadvertently revealed his workplace in his rant on the Daily Camera website.

Apparently, “Kevin” the DC cyberstalker thinks that my hosts are being victimized by Anton Jackson. I wish I had one percent of Damon Wayans’ comedic talent . . .


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