Want to know who is keeping Boulder, CO a destination city for the homeless?


By Max R. Weller

Screenshot from 2014-12-26 18:23:54

Don’t buy a used car from this woman, and DON’T DONATE TO BRIDGE HOUSE.

The homeless get everything for free here, and nobody requires them to do anything in return. I’ve not seen anything like these pampered bums anywhere else in America!

The transients and Transition Program residents who stay overnight at Boulder Shelter for the Homeless aren’t even expected to sweep and mop the floors there — the paid “custodial staff” is supposed to do so. I discovered that fact this morning, when I questioned a BSH staff member about why the VERY SAME VOMIT was on the floor of a handicapped stall in the men’s restroom as was there yesterday morning.

They’re LAZY DOGS, indeed!

To her credit, Isabel McDevitt hasn’t sponsored a violent rapist like Jim Budd, as her predecessor did:


However, Ms. McDevitt is still relatively new to homelessness in Boulder — give her time, and I’m sure she’ll commit an outrage just as Joy Eckstine Redstone did.

I continue to see new homeless faces almost every morning as I’m waiting outside of Boulder Shelter for the Homeless prior to its opening at 6AM, and they all want to know how to get to Bridge House and every other Free Giveaway venue in our fair city. Most are either permanent dependents on the social services system already or in a big hurry to become such pathetic creatures.

Isabel McDevitt will be more than happy to assist them . . .

BTW, she earns $70,000 per year as executive director of the “nonprofit” Bridge House.


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