Max’s Journal 12/27/2014


By Max R. Weller

Great letter-to-the-editor of the Daily Camera by LaDonna Shea, Boycott drugs. Copied below in its entirety:

In his letter to Open Forum (“Upheaval in Mexico, Dec. 19), Jack McNaughton advocates for a tourist boycott of Mexico. I certainly agree that we should support and encourage Mexico in its fight against the cartels, and wholeheartedly agree that the primary source of the cartels’ profit and power comes from Americans purchasing illegal drugs.

However, it will be counterproductive to boycott one of Mexico’s major lawful industries. We should encourage and support the Mexican industries that provide economic opportunities for the Mexican people that are not dependent upon drugs, and which also provide a benefit for us, such as tourism and agricultural production.

I visit Mexico at least once, often twice, every year, and find the price, quality of service, and overall experience outstanding. The boycott that will really be of benefit is a boycott of illegal drugs.

LaDonna Shea


It’s easy to forget that there really are some intelligent Boulderites, unlike the others we’ll call Boulderrhoids. Unfortunately, this latter bunch predominates in the local power structure, from PLAN-Boulder County on down.

If you’re addicted to any substance, it’s the very best course to conduct a personal boycott of that which has you by the throat. And yes, you can walk into any homeless shelter and meet as many folks under the influence of marijuana as alcohol, most often in combination, but a few who are exclusively cannabis addicts.

A few months ago, I wrote about a homeless guy I called Dallas Transient (DT for short). This character was always into some sort of scam, ripping off other homeless people. Well, DT has been gone away from Boulder, CO for quite some time now, after claiming to be in Bridge House’s culinary arts program. (There’s already an Escoffier School of Culinary Arts in Boulder, CO — which the bums apparently can’t get into — so executive director Isabel McDevitt conned donors into funding her own faux school to teach homeless clients how to use a can opener, slice fresh veggies, and engage in other kitchen work requiring minimal skill levels). Anyway, DT borrowed $100 from a fellow “student” at the McDevitt enterprise, then promptly got on a Greyhound bus headed back to Dallas, TX. This was no surprise to me, but seemed to come as a shock to many of DT’s homeless acquaintances here in Boulder, CO. Really now, would you eat food prepared by sterling “chefs” like Dallas Transient? Goodness knows what might be in it . . . Yet another example of a worthless PROGRAM run by a local nonprofit. McDevitt, you’ll recall, also brought us “Ready to Work” — which pays the bums $8 an hour, 20 hours per week, to pick up trash and do some minor landscaping around Boulder under the supervision of city workers.


“WTF? People donate to this cause? Only in Boulder!”

Yes, my dear ape, they do. Some go so far as to become obsessed with the Homeless Philosopher, in one sad case starting a website devoted (in a twisted way) to me. I urge my friends who believe in the efficacy of prayer to put in a word for these poor souls, since my agnostic view disqualifies me from doing so in a sincere manner.

Time for a nap, or a few games of chess online.


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