Max’s Journal 12/18/2014


By Max R. Weller

CU’s Norlin Library, where I use one of the public access computers to write this blog, will be closed from 12/20/2014 through 1/4/2015. If you don’t see any posts from me here during this time, it’s because I couldn’t bring myself to visit one of the branches of Boulder Public Library, instead.

More new transient faces keep showing up at Boulder Shelter for the Homeless every morning, asking staff and other homeless people where they can go to get Free Stuff in our fair city. This particular AM, a young bum asked a SKIP driver, “Is this the Free Bus?” He wanted to get to Bridge House — the transient magnet in downtown Boulder, CO. I informed the youthful parasite that the Free Bus is a HOP, operated by Via (formerly known as Special Transit) and it comes to BSH at 8AM, then drops the passengers off at 11th & Walnut, reversing its course at 5PM to bring the homeless back to BSHIt has nothing to do with RTD. I thought of also offering to pay the $5 fare on RTD to Denver for this poor lost soul, but he’s probably convinced that Boulder is the Travelers’ Paradise, so I let it go.

“I get Free Stuff at Bridge House and lots of other places, when I’m not in Boulder County Jail,” says Monroe Newsom. “Now, I enjoy the Friday night movie here with free popcorn and free soda pop, thanks to Sheriff Pelle.”

BTW, the transient above is the one who plunged a 7″ KA-BAR knife into the back of another homeless man on Boulder Creek Path many months ago, and is apparently still awaiting trial.

Makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, doesn’t it?

Here’s a painting that reminds me of the savages/bums/transients who prey on Boulder, CO in the 21st Century. The do-gooders today, however, don’t have sense enough to circle the wagons and fight back . . . See Remington, Russell exhibit shows where it all began in the Times-Call.

Charles’ M. Russell’s "Attack on the Wagon Train" will be on display through April 19 at the Longmont Museum.

“Attack on the Wagon Train” by Charles M. Russell

The priceless expression on my friend’s face (below) shows just how I feel about being in Boulder most of the time:


ColderBolder 2014

In my case, of course, I’m running in place with grim determination.

Tonight at my campsite: Deli-sliced roast beef sandwiches on white bread, with mayo and bread-and-butter pickle slices.


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