BOHO in jeopardy? And more


By Max R. Weller

Boulder Outreach for Homeless Overflow consists of a network of churches and a synagogue which have stepped up to the challenge of providing emergency warming centers in wintertime for all those who are turned away when Boulder Shelter for the Homeless reaches its capacity of 160 homeless men and women.

Recently, during the past few weeks, there have been persistent rumors that one or more of these faith-based groups is having second thoughts about continuing to participate. I can understand the reasons why.

Although I’ve NEVER stayed at BOHO, I’ve made it my business as the Homeless Philosopher to monitor what goes on there. Just yesterday, a formerly homeless man who has been in the emergency warming centers many times told me this: “Max, you have to be drunk in order to tolerate the conditions there.” He proceeded to tell me the story of a street drunk who had died overnight at BOHO and I understand that it’s the worst-behaved transients who typically make use of this organization. To be fair, it’s not as badly managed as it was in Jim Budd’s time, but it’s still a mess by all accounts I’ve heard.

It’s proving very difficult to get anyone from the churches or synagogue to comment on their concerns, beyond anonymous (by request) confirmations that things are somewhat dysfunctional at present and seem to be getting progressively worse.

Again, why should Boulder, CO provide transients who have no ties to the community with anything more than the $5 bus ticket on RTD back to Denver, along with a couple of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and a bottle of water to go?

BTW, I provided the links to the Facebook pages of BOHO and BSH above so that you can see what they focus on — leftist politics and fundraising, respectively.

I wonder, did this homeless guy get a letter from FEMA?

He’s among dozens of transients who ripped off both the Red Cross and FEMA in the wake of the 2013 Great Colorado Flood. Another homeless man (not the clown pictured above) told me about taking over $2,000 from FEMA to settle his phony claim, then traveling to Denver to party at a motel in the company of $150/hour hookers and a couple of his drinking buddies.

Here’s a pic of what I won’t be having for Christmas Day dinner at my campsite:

Baked bone-in ham

Maybe I’ll celebrate with a big jug of rotgut vodka, instead . . .  Just kidding!


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