1175 Lee Hill update, holding off the savages, and more


By Max R. Weller

I have a source inside Boulder, CO’s Housing First project at 1175 Lee Hill (this is the 31-unit, $6 million plus apartment complex for chronically homeless alcoholics/drug addicts with a dual diagnosis of mental illness), right next door to Boulder Shelter for the Homeless. I’m told that there has already been one violent, drunken altercation which resulted in the eviction of a HF client, who now resides at Boulder County Jail. There have also been several ambulance calls to 1175 Lee Hill.

Remember this article, which I’ve posted several times, about Karluk Manor in Anchorage, AK? Read Success of Karluk Manor depends on who you ask from the Alaska Dispatch News. 1175 Lee Hill is following the same path . . . NOT a surprise at all!

And remember the Big Lie about Housing First saving taxpayers’ money on emergency medical services and jail incarcerations? Here’s the executive director of Boulder Housing Partners shoveling the fertilizer to Boulder City Council:

You can tell she’s lying because her lips are moving.

HF clients will continue going to jail or the ER regardless of being housed in brand new $200,000+ apartments. There are no cost savings here. In addition, with three staff members on duty during the day and two overnight (one of whom is permitted to sleep while on the payroll), staffing costs will be well in excess of $300,000 every year. And, the initial outlay of millions of dollars will NEVER be recovered, nor will other ongoing operating expenses.

It’s a farce, plain and simple. A damned expensive farce, at that, leaving hundreds of homeless people in Boulder out on the streets.

In his autobiography, American Sniper, the late U.S. Navy SEAL Chris Kyle refers to the Iraqi insurgents as “savages” because of their commitment to pure evil. I’m going to borrow that pejorative term to label the filthy, pickled idjits I encountered in my north Boulder neighborhood when I returned there on November 30th, from a brief vacation with friends in Longmont. Today is the first time I’ve felt secure in leaving my campsite; because of the snow, I don’t think it’s too likely the savages will be wandering around stealing other folks’ stuff. One of the savages is called “Jersey” (pronounced JOY-zee, naturally) because that’s where he comes from, and he dedicated himself to harassing passersby on the corner of N. Broadway & U.S. 36, as well as residents of Dakota Ridge walking by in the 4900 block on their way to catch the SKIP bus. Fortunately for my sanity, Jersey and his buddy have moved on to Texas; they claim to be looking for work, but all they did here in Boulder was guzzle rotgut vodka and behave stupidly. They wind up in a Texas jail, they’re in for a real learning experience; won’t be any Friday night movie with free popcorn and free soda pop, amenities offered by Boulder County Jail.

There have also been many other savages/bums/transients hanging around to no good purpose, so I felt it was a good idea to do remain in the area both day and night.

I don’t know how often I’ll dare to visit CU’s Norlin Library for the couple of hours I typically spend working on this blog, but I’m here now.

Here’s a Christmas gift for these reprobates:

I also will admit to being bothered to an unusual degree by my bad hip, another reason I haven’t wanted to walk back and forth across Norlin Quad to access the library.

See Boulder to restore hours at branch libraries in the Daily Camera. Great news for everyone seeking an alternative to Bum Central Library at 1001 Arapahoe!

Are these silly white (REALLY WHITE) protesters in Boulder serious?

Blocking traffic on U.S. 36

“BLACK LIVES MATTER” — Yes, of course they do! I agree 100%, and I urge my black brothers to stop murdering each other at an alarming rate. Sadly, the parents of Michael Brown in Ferguson, MO raised a violent sociopath, who was also an idiot. The statistics show that young Mr. Brown was more likely to die from homicide (justifiable or not) than any other cause, and that his killer would most likely have been another young black male. This is what should be protested by every thinking person in America, regardless of their race . . .

Heading now to King Soopers to stock up on canned goods. BTW, from 12/1 through 12/13, I made $395 playing the role of humble beggar at my spot, and only a couple of hours or so each day to do so. I’m grateful for the generosity of everyone who responds to my new sign:






I hope someone will be kind enough to offer me fruitcake, which I really enjoy.


2 thoughts on “1175 Lee Hill update, holding off the savages, and more

  1. Terzah

    I am so so glad to see you posting again. My source in your North Boulder neighborhood kept us apprised that you are alive and had seen you on the corner…but it still makes me nervous when you aren’t blogging. Glad you had a good book, too.


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