A civics lesson, and more


By Max R. Weller

Read Boulder forum discusses racism in light of Ferguson case in the Daily Camera. My online comment follows:

The city of Ferguson, MO paid a high price for wrongdoing by Michael Brown and his lawless supporters — thugs taking advantage of any pretext to trash other folks’ property. Apologists/enablers for this criminal element aren’t much better than the looters and arsonists themselves.

A prosecutor, any prosecutor, is bound by legal ethics to NOT file charges if he doesn’t believe a conviction is possible. Sometimes, he takes the case to a grand jury so that they may also investigate and determine if charges are warranted. This is an entirely proper use of prosecutorial discretion and the grand jury. The presumption of innocence overrides the hysteria of mobs in the streets. Also, it’s almost certain that no federal charges involving any alleged violation of Michael Brown’s civil rights will be brought, not when it’s clear that pro-Brown “witnesses” lied about what they saw. As a practical matter, the case is closed.

Could something like the violence in Ferguson happen here in Boulder, CO? It would have to involve transients, of course:


Don’t think that stoners are incapable of rioting; with the self-entitled mentality the bums learn from local do-gooders, they could decide to march down Pearl Street demanding FREE WEED and wreaking havoc along the way. Setting fire to bicycles and hybrid vehicles, looting trendy boutiques, etc. — oh, the horror!

The wealthy white elites will have brought this on themselves:

el70aWalmart Neighborhood Market protest

The bums who migrate to Boulder, CO are NOT warm and fuzzy folks, committed to spreading Peace and Love everywhere they travel. Dave (above) needs to get a clue.

Tomorrow night, the Christmas lights at Kansas City, MO’s Country Club Plaza will be turned on:

kansas-city-country-club-christmas-lightAn annual tradition

I hope my friends, the wild four-legged critters, remember me when I return to my campsite in north Boulder . . .

That’s all for now. It’s time for more tasty fried SPAM, done to crispy brown perfection.


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