Seattle City Council goes overboard, and more


By Max R. Weller

Read the story from the KOMO website: Seattle City Council wants to fund internet in homeless camps.

I’m sorry, do-gooders everywhere, bit this is just about the most counterproductive proposal in re homelessness I’ve ever heard — not as bad as Housing First for active alcoholics without any requirement that they sober up either now or in the future, but certainly enabling the entitlement mentality which is a disservice to everyone.

As much as I use the Internet, if I couldn’t manage to haul my sorry butt to public access computers at a local library or use one at my friends’ home, I sure as hell wouldn’t expect the nanny state to bring taxpayer-funded Internet service to my homeless campsite.

BTW, I’ve never signed up for an Obama Phone, because you also have to be receiving other government asssistance to qualify. (I promise you, this is NOT an article from the Onion.) See how they want to make you more dependent on the social services system?

Barack Obama on Phone

Isn’t that a landline the POTUS is using in this pic? FREE landlines are available at almost all homeless shelter/services providers, including Boulder Shelter for the Homeless and Bridge House in Boulder, CO.

The chronically homeless are the most vulnerable among us, many of them suffering from mental illness/developmental disabilities or physical disabilities or addictions (or any combination of the three), and billions of taxpayer dollars are being spent, yet most of them are still on the streets! Our priorities are FUBAR.

I submit to you, Gentle Reader, that things like free cell phones and Internet access are less important than food, clothing, emergency shelter leading to stable housing, education, employment (even $10 per hour at Walmart), quality health care, good hygiene, dignity, self-respect, and a purpose in life beyond standing in line for more giveaways. The facts are that it’s impossible to obtain all of these as a slave to the current unholy alliance of private nonprofits and government agencies — whose creed is MORE HOMELESS PEOPLE = MORE MONEY. The do-gooders have no incentive to help the homeless, either single adults or families, to achieve true independence; they’d be missing not only a paycheck in some cases, but the chance to FEEL GOOD about themselves in every case.

Nobody possessed of both an IQ in the average range and a conscience can condone the current state of affairs . . .

And that’s my rant for today, as I’m fortunate enough to be indoors due to the kindness of friends.


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