Thundersleet at 5AM, George W. Hayduke is an impostor, and more


By Max R. Weller

There were a few light sprinkles overnight, then I saw lightning and heard thunder approaching about the time I got up at my campsite. When I went over to Boulder Shelter for the Homeless, a little early due to the weather, the sleet started coming down and it was enough the cover the ground, nearby streets, and the parking lot of Bustop Gentleman’s Club next door. Rain/snow continue in the forecast for today and tonight.

It’s my understanding that Facebook does NOT allow fake accounts, such as this one: George W Hayduke. I believe this is the same anonymous, obsessed “fan” who has been posting scurrilous material on the Daily Camera’s website (which I’ve ignored, to this point) and also leaving comments here on my own website (none of which have been published). Hayduke, of course, is the name of a character in a couple of novels by Edward Abbey. I urge this impostor to grow some cojones and use his real identity. In the meantime, his FB account has been reported as a fake and also for its content — which consists of outright lies, half-truths, and his unsupported opinions about my character and mental health.

BTW, it wouldn’t surprise me to discover that “Hayduke” is actually someone who works or volunteers at one of the local nonprofits I frequently criticize.

Congratulations to my friend, Terzah, for her marathon PR and new BQ time in the Indianapolis Monumental Marathon this past Saturday — 3:43:25!

I doubt that her running gear will catch on anytime soon, however:


See a list of Tiny House Communities across America. One city which may never be included is Boulder, CO . . .

I drank a bottle of Pepto-Bismol over the weekend, and It seems to be staving off the horrible symptoms I experienced in my recent near-death experience. No signs of the physical weakness that left me helpless before, either.

Tonight at my campsite: peanut butter and crackers.


4 thoughts on “Thundersleet at 5AM, George W. Hayduke is an impostor, and more

  1. Terzah

    I would love to do a race dressed as a black rider, but it sure wouldn’t be a personal record….

    Stay warm, Max! Let us know if you need anything.

    1. homelessphilosopher Post author

      Thanks, but I’d never want to bring any sort of contagious bug into your home — and as filthy as Boulder Shelter is now it’s inevitable that I’ll get sick, again.

      R & R is, of course, a different matter . . .

  2. pimom1

    Well Max, I think anyone with a heart could understand what you went through with the death of your mother, and the loss of everything you had……the farm, etc. and you know what? Recognizing that she was no longer “there” is very accurate. I’ve worked in nursing home and hospitals, and have been fascinated with exactly what it is, when that person “leaves” the body! What’s left, is not them, and it’s hard to put a finger on it. All those later “charges” we’re literal, “technically” correct, but not exactly the truth of what happened. Do you know how many family caregivers have to take over the banking and finances….signing the loved ones name? Happens all the time. the DOC is so full of injustice and tragedy of many people in jail, who don’t belong……

    1. homelessphilosopher Post author

      Kind words; thank you.

      I don’t think these personal attacks have anything to do with my crimes. Not back in Lexington, MO and especially not here in Boulder, CO. Typically, a first-time nonviolent felony offender anywhere would be put on probation with some strict conditions attached — not sent to prison, unless it involved illegal drugs.

      Unfortunately, I was a high profile critic of the political establishment in the old hometown, and the same can be said about me here, if you consider the homeless shelter/services industry to be political.

      No use crying about it, but it certainly has caused me to lose what respect I had at one time for the justice system.


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