1175 Lee Hill Wet House set to open, and more


By Max R. Weller


The $6 million, 31-unit Housing First project here in Boulder, CO

From Boulder Housing Partner’s Good Neighbor Statement of Operations for this apartment complex:

7.4 — Alcohol (quoting in its entirety)

Consumption of alcohol will not be permitted in indoor and outdoor common areas, parking lot, laundry room, or in any staff offices. In line with the Housing First model, residents may drink in their apartments, providing their behavior conforms to lease requirements regarding noise, etc. Case managers will work with residents when consumption becomes a threat to retaining housing or clearly impedes resident progress, as defined in 6.1 [below], and provide referral and/or case conference assistance regarding alcohol and substance abuse services or treatment options where appropriate.

6.1 — Goals & Outcomes (quoting the relevant portion)

Program success is measured by monitoring the following desired outcomes:

          — Clients move into housing;

          — Clients increase skills and income;

          — Clients garner greater self-determination;

          — Clients stay housed;

          — Clients maintain progress made.

Of course, “chronically homeless” alcoholics have already failed repeatedly to do any of this, except for being housed for short periods before being evicted. And, if Karluk Manor in Anchorage, AK (that city’s Housing First facility, open since December, 2011) can serve as a guide, we can expect to see clients at 1175 Lee Hill dying of alcohol poisoning in their apartments, committing acts of violence against other clients, and continuing to cause problems in the immediate neighborhood and elsewhere in Boulder, CO.

Read: Success of Karluk Manor depends on who you ask in the Alaska Dispatch.

It’s a crock . . .

How many Tiny Houses for the homeless could be built for the $6 million that has already been spent on only 31 apartments at 1175 Lee Hill? Hundreds, just like these in Madison, WI:

Read about it here.

Vote for Boris Badenov! Watch the YouTube video.

Tonight at my campsite: Pepto-Bismol (must have been that roadkill I ate last night).

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