KC in Royals blue, and more


By Max R. Weller

See the photo gallery from the Kansas City Star.

Here’s a great concept — except that the price tag is grossly inflated, like every other type of “dwelling” in Boulder, CO: Pint-sized dwelling can help extend your camping season in the Daily Camera. I’ve seen several of these passing by the corner of N. Broadway & U.S. 36 in the past year or so, dreamed of owning one, and now have been cruelly jerked back to reality. $6,500? That’s just NUTS:

A camper from Boulder-based Colorado Teardrop Campers is light enough to be pulled by a small car.

A camper from Boulder-based Colorado Teardrop Campers is light enough to be pulled by a small car. (Teardrop Campers / Courtesy photo)

Doesn’t this sort of thing happen here in Boulder all too frequently? See Man who reportedly took hallucinogenic drugs rescued after fall in Chautauqua Park also in the DC. My online comment follows:

I’ve learned my lesson — so I won’t be pointing out that this individual has the IQ of a fence post. Don’t want to upset all of those who think they’re ENTITLED to behave stupidly and have several agencies spend umpteen $$$ on resources to rescue them.

More unintended consequences of Colorado’s love affair with getting stoned, as explained in this commentary by Jeremy Meyer from the Denver Post: Spot the pot candy, Colorado. As far as I’m concerned, anyone who would give this poison to kids at any time ought to be strung up.

Three mornings in a row now, I’ve complained to the staff at Boulder Shelter for the Homeless because the dirty floors in the men’s emergency dorm and restroom/shower area are NOT being swept and mopped on a daily basis. It appears they haven’t been touched at all since the first night BSH was open this season, October 15th. Greg Harms and Ardith Sehulster (the executive director and board president, respectively) don’t live in filth like this! Seriously, if I owned a Smartphone I’d certainly take a few pics and post them here, so you could be as disgusted as I am. Make no mistake, some lazy bum in the First Step/Transition Program is assigned to do this chore, but has been shirking his duty continuously without consequence from BSH staff.

I finally got around to reviewing “The Catcher in the Rye” by J.D. Salinger on Goodreads.

Tonight at my campsite: chili with crackers, the campers’ staple food.

4 thoughts on “KC in Royals blue, and more

  1. Terzah

    I’ve been meaning to recommend that you read Lila by Marilynne Robinson. Set in small-town Iowa in the 50s. I loved it, but would be curious to hear your opinion.

    1. homelessphilosopher Post author

      Sure, Renee.

      Have either of you ever read “The Savage Detectives” about a pair of Latin American bums in the guise of poets? I’m reading it now, and it was one of the NY Times’ 10 Best Books of 1998 — but I haven’t figured out why, more than halfway through this lengthy novel.

      1. Renee

        No, I haven’t read “The Savage Detectives” yet, but it really sounds intriguing. Thank you for the recommendation!

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