Owls calling at 4AM, and more


By Max R. Weller

I was awakened by the owls’ conversation in my neighborhood very early this morning; it seemed that it was coming from three directions and close by, too. Of course, this is much better than the yelling of pickled idjits leaving the Bustop Gentleman’s Club, and the wild critters pose no threat to anyone in my experience here. Coyotes, bears, mountain lions, and owls; I regard them all as fellow residents of the Great Outdoors.

A trio of snoozing Barn Owls

I wouldn’t mind sharing an old barn with these birds of prey, either. They would keep the field mice from raiding my leftover corn chips and scurrying across my face as I sleep, no doubt.

A kind lady asked me yesterday, after handing me a $10 bill as I played the role of humble beggar at the corner of N. Broadway & U.S. 36, if I stayed at Boulder Shelter for the Homeless in the wintertime. I told her I lived outdoors year-round, except for brief respites in a motel or with friends in Longmont. I assured her that it was much better for me this way, and any man who doubts the truth of my statement should make a visit to BSH around 6AM, in order to see the filthy conditions in the men’s dorm and restroom/shower area. The floors rarely get mopped, when you would expect it to be done on a daily basis given the number of homeless guys and gals using this facility. I understand from female friends who have stayed at BSH over the past few seasons that it’s just as bad, and maybe worse, in the women’s dorm and restroom/shower area upstairs.

There’s no shortage of free labor available, and I’m certain that homeless folks seeking emergency shelter would pitch in to sweep and mop if they were asked to do so by staff. It’s pathetic — a fairly new homeless Hilton which cost several million dollars to build is the dirtiest I’ve ever seen anywhere! This goes straight to the man at the top, as far as I’m concerned: Greg Harms, the executive director at BSH.

It’s no wonder that my friend “Sally” has decided to leave her spot in the First Step/Transition Program there, and return to living in her van. She’s one of the few program residents who was diligent about doing her assigned chore, and more. The people who could gain the most wind up dropping out before housing becomes available (and who can blame ’em?), while the bums are recycled through the program again and again — after being evicted from apartments — to nobody’s benefit. It’s a farce. STOP SUPPORTING IT!

Winter is coming, but I don’t mind that it’s been delayed by this great weather lately.

That’s all for now . . .


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