An obsessed fan, Indian Summer, and more


By Max R. Weller

Only in Boulder, CO have I encountered pseudo-intellectual poseurs — understandably hiding behind a cloak of anonymity on the Internet — who take great exception to my views on homelessness, but fail to address the points I raise. It’s much easier to dwell on sensational aspects of the crime(s) I committed over a dozen years ago back in Missouri, for which I pleaded guilty and served time in Missouri DOC and on parole supervision until January, 2008. Since my arrest in September, 2002 I’ve never committed another criminal offense of any kind, although I did abscond from parole supervision on two occasions (an administrative violation of parole conditions in my case).

In fact, I’d never committed any violation except for a couple of misdemeanor traffic offenses before that arrest on felony charges at the age of 46.

Obviously, anyone using the terms “sociopath” or “psychopath” to label me is NOT a trained mental health professional who has done an evaluation of me. As part of the process in Missouri DOC and under parole supervision, I was evaluated several times (every time one is moved to a new “camp” it’s repeated, and likewise may be ordered again by a new parole officer). The consistent diagnosis in my case was Clinical Depression, something I now understand that I’ve suffered from at various times since puberty. A couple of psychiatrists along the way offered to prescribe low doses of antidepressant meds, but I didn’t find them helpful and it was agreed that I could discontinue their use. Another psychiatrist offered a prescription for an antihistamine, because of its noted side effect of producing drowsiness in people who have some difficulty in getting to sleep, but I disliked the feeling of being hung over in the morning and again we decided to drop that remedy.

I did seek out cognitive therapy from a local psychology clinic while I lived in Springfield, MO in 2004. My therapists were graduate students in the Ph.D. program there, and I did find it helpful to verbalize feelings I’d kept to myself for decades. After a while, however, the focus of these sessions became my dislike of the parole officer assigned to my case at the time, and it was agreed that this was not a productive use of our time and we ended the sessions, with the understanding that I could return whenever I felt it necessary due to depression.

I am who I am, and indeed I did what I did. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have the unique perspective on the issue of homelessness that I blog about.

Well, duh.

BTW, anonymous obsessed fan, you misspelled the word “philosopher” in the name of your website devoted to me. ROTFLMAO!

Works at a nonprofit in Boulder, CO — and believes all critics of it must be crazy.

The weather outside has been delightful recently, and the sun has retreated far enough to the south that I don’t need to apply sunscreen. Sitting on the wall at my shady spot in the 4900 block of N. Broadway, reading a book or talking with a friend, is quite relaxing. There have been a few bums drifting off into places they aren’t welcome since Boulder Shelter for the Homeless opened last Wednesday, but that will sort itself out as time passes and complaints are made to the authorities.

Read the editorial Have fun, but show restraint on Halloween in the Times-Call. And because every night is Halloween at BSH, I urge both the emergency overnight guests and program residents there to behave themselves throughout the year. It will make your life in general so much easier!

Tonight at my campsite (on sale now at King Soopers for $1):

Tasty straight from the can, with Ritz crackers.


2 thoughts on “An obsessed fan, Indian Summer, and more

  1. Sarah

    Max, I appreciate that you have such a wholesome approach to…”it is what it is, I did what I did”. No excuses. No blame. So it seems to me that your psychological health is pretty good. I too have done about every brand of therapeutic counseling and a myriad of drugs. You have done very well, it seems to me. Of course your blog is going to piss off the “do gooders”! And they will find the worse things they can to bring up on you. We all have those mistakes in our past, which we’d rather not be reminded of 😱

    Here in Ecuador, we have the “do gooders” who have migrated here to “save the ecology, save the indigenous, save the animals, make everyone vegetarian”. What’s worse, is that they criticize the current government, who has a PHD in Economy, elected after having seven presidents in ten years! We are guests in this country, and I’m grateful to be allowed to live here, so criticizing and having a savior complex is really stupid! Speaking of stupid….how did the writer misspell philosopher, when almost everything has spell check these days? 😝


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