Max’s Journal 10/17/2014


By Max R. Weller

Another quiet and restful night at my campsite, probably because the drunken transients are using up their allotted 90 nights at Boulder Shelter for the Homeless while it’s still warm outside. The pickled idjits will wish they’d saved those nights when the really cold weather hits in December and January.

I’m told that there was a serious verbal confrontation between a transient and the only BSH staff member (a newbie) who was required to be awake yesterday morning in the 4AM hour — the very first night emergency dorms were open. Luckily, the troublemaker was persuaded to leave the premises before anybody got hurt. A few thoughts on this incident and others like it:

1) Tell the miscreant to leave just ONCE, then call 9-1-1. Boulder PD expects to receive these calls for assistance, and will typically respond promptly with more than one unit. The staff member on duty should be sure to get an accurate physical description of the bum, in case he/she leaves before police arrive and a search of the neighborhood becomes necessary. All such cases involving Harassment or Assault should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

2) The idiotic BSH policy of allowing one of the two staff members on duty overnight to SLEEP has to end. These are NOT firefighters working a 24-hour shift! They’re inexperienced  employees supervising a homeless shelter where sociopathic and/or mentally ill clients often wander around in the dayroom at all hours. Two staff members on duty, both wide awake, are a necessity.

3) A few of the more reliable homeless men and women should be hired as part of the BSH staff. Many have previous experience working in homeless shelters, and all of them have a better understanding of who and what they’d be dealing with while on duty. The newbies on staff, especially, spend entirely too much time listening to bull**** from clients, when they should be paying attention to what is going on all around them.

4) Prohibit registered sex offenders at BSH, and show compassion to those homeless clients who have been victims of sexual abuse.

5) Require valid photo ID and proof of residency in Boulder County for anyone who seeks shelter/services at BSH. Transients from Denver and elsewhere have no stake in keeping our fair city livable, and many of them seem intent on trashing Boulder, in every sense of the word.

Bums like this should be given the $5 bus ticket on RTD to Denver, along with a couple of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and a bottle of water to-go:

“I have the right to do whatever I want!”

Another example of a Michelle Obama-inspired lunch for schoolkids:


NOT what is served in the White House. 

Maybe next winter I’ll have a tiny house of my own:

Tiny House Plans: A-Frame Vacation Cabin

The Homeless Philosopher will be back on Monday . . .

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