Max’s Journal 10/14/2014


By Max R. Weller

I ate a couple of my homemade biscuits for breakfast a short while ago, after popping them into the microwave for 30 seconds, and I have to say they’re excellent. My hosts seem to like them, too, which is why I’m leaving another baker’s dozen in their freezer . . . Now, if I could just persuade everyone to try my bacon-wrapped meatloaf recipe, made with both ground beef and ground pork, life would be perfect.

On today’s agenda: Haircut, which is easy to do by yourself with two mirrors, so you can see the back of your head. Nothing fancy for me; the ol’ buzz cut is fine.

“Figures lie and liars figure” is an old saying that holds true for self-styled homeless advocates here in Boulder, CO. Recently, the guy who posts stuff on the BOHO Facebook page has been advancing the claim that overall homelessness in Utah has been reduced by 78%. The truth is quite different, and it involves only the small percentage of the homeless population who are chronically living on the streets or in shelters (liars figure); some advocates in that state are claiming that rapid re-housing programs have reduced the number of “chronically homeless” by 78%. Maybe, but you must realize that so many of these poor souls get evicted after only a short time in subsidized housing, because they lack the life skills necessary to get along with landlords and other tenants. Even so, simply getting into housing is counted as a successful outcome for statistical purposes (being evicted a month later doesn’t change that, hence “figures lie”).

Here’s an interesting article from the Deseret News online: Housing lifts people out of homelessness, but challenges are ongoing. Quoting from it below:

As Joseph Hardy explains, leaving homelessness is a lot like being a crab in a bucket of crabs.

“You don’t have to put a lid on a bucket of crabs,” Hardy said, explaining that as soon as one crab scrambles up the side of the pail, the other crabs pull it back into the container.

“Whenever someone starts to climb out, the other crabs, homeless people, pull them back into the bucket,” Hardy said, speaking Wednesday on a panel during Utah’s annual Homeless Summit in downtown Salt Lake City . . .

Linda Bonds, who was homeless “off and on” for 20 years until she entered supportive housing, said she, too, has learned to set strict limits when people ask to stay in her apartment.

“I let them know this is not a flop house. This is a residence,” Bonds said. “I’m not going let them mess up mine when they don’t even want one.”

Here’s the deal: Accept responsibility for your own actions! Otherwise, you’ll keep recycling from the streets into housing and back to the streets, again.

Putting alcoholics into Housing First apartments — where they can continue drinking themselves to death — is a cruel joke, and it deprives the homeless who are clean and sober of access to housing.

BTW, the suggestion in the article linked to above for giving grocery store gift cards is great; even better is getting to know a panhandler on a personal level.

There must be a lot of lonely guys (and a few lonely gals) out there in cyberspace, so desperate they’ll jump at any chance to see nekkid boobs. How else to explain these stats from my blog? See:

Screenshot from 2014-10-14 09:14:03Screenshot 10/14/2014 @ 9:13AM MDT (click on image to enlarge)

You poor saps are wasting your time with Catharine Pierce. I’ve never been a Breast Man per se, and I think pretty eyes are any woman’s most attractive feature, but to demonstrate my compassion I’ll post a pic here of Kate Upton and her personal flotation devices:


You know, if she would lose the clumps of mascara she could be a beautiful young woman.

Heading back to Boulder tomorrow, right on time for the arrival of transients from Denver and elsewhere at Boulder Shelter for the Homeless. It gets worse every winter season . . .


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