Max’s Journal 10/8/2014


By Max R. Weller

I missed out on the second Blood Moon of 2014 last night:

A lunar eclipse is seen from Longmont early Wednesday morning.

A lunar eclipse is seen from Longmont early Wednesday morning. (Matthew Jonas / Longmont Times-Call)

Were any virgins sacrificed? Lots of weird people with strange beliefs here inside the Boulder Bubble, and they might always have imported a virgin or two from anywhere else in the state of Colorado . . .

With the mid-term elections less than a month away, here are various polling results from RealClearPolitics:

 Public Approval of Health Care Law

 President Obama Job Approval

Battle for the House

 Battle for the Senate

If the Dems do lose control of the U.S. Senate, look for [WhodunitCare] to really start unraveling. In Colorado and many other states, it’s involved no more than an expansion of Medicaid eligibility — remember, President George W. Bush added 15 million more people to Medicaid rolls in his administration — and has nothing to do with improving the quality of health care itself. More folks are going to ERs for medical evaluation and treatment than ever before, there’s more paperwork, costs are continuing to rise overall, and for what?

Here’s the model we must use, sooner or later: Health care in Sweden.

Did you realize that Open Space surrounding Boulder, CO amounts to 45,000 acres? That’s 70 square miles removed from the property tax rolls, and is 10 times as much as necessary to build and maintain trails for people to use in their enjoyment of Nature. The REAL purpose for this wretched excess of government-owned land is to prop up inflated real estate values of the wealthy white elites, who keep a stranglehold on both city and county elected bodies through the PLAN-Boulder County cabal. They’re like the upper crust of the old Communist Party in the defunct Soviet Union! It’s unsustainable . . .

I’ll be taking a short break at a secret location in a nearby city, to recuperate from my recent bout with the Boulder Shelter Two-step.

That’s all for now.


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