A thief visits my campsite, and more


By Max R. Weller

I’m always looking for ways to improve the level of comfort in my homeless burrow overnight, and one of the changes I made recently was to put my camping pad on top of my sleeping bag, but underneath my blankets (I’ve haven’t needed to crawl into my zero degree-rated bag since last April). In case rain comes in around the edges of my tarp, as it does when the ground is saturated, this keeps me dry even if my sleeping bag becomes soggy.

Yesterday evening, unfortunately, I threw back my tarp and blankets to find that the camping pad was MISSING. Nothing else was gone. And whoever stole my pad took care to leave no outward signs of having disturbed my gear. It made for a miserable night, because of the cold steady rain during the afternoon and early nighttime hours.

It’s one more item I need to pick up at Walmart along with a new 10′ x 12′ tarp, jeans, T-shirts, and thermal underwear. I’m hoping that “Sally” will let me hitch a ride with her to Lafayette on Friday, since she’s headed there, anyway — and I’ve offered to buy lunch. If that doesn’t work out, however, I’ll have to call on another friend who would be going out of her way on my behalf, AGAIN. This tends to make me feel guilty . . .

Maybe I can dry out my gear today, before rains come again tomorrow. See forecast.

I respect and admire the CU-Boulder PD because they don’t put up with any baloney:

Jermaine Sillemon, 25, is restrained on a stretcher after being shot with a Taser inside the University Memorial Center on CU’s Boulder campus.

Jermaine Sillemon, 25, is restrained on a stretcher after being shot with a Taser inside the University Memorial Center on CU’s Boulder campus. Police say he was caught attempting to shoplift, and brandished a pen as a “stabbing instrument.” (Sarah Kuta / Daily Camera)

I’m almost certain this clown has been at Boulder Shelter for the Homeless recently. CU’s University Memorial Center has long been a favorite hangout for bums who want to lounge around all day watching TV, but who have no affiliation in any way with the university. No, the Homeless Philosopher has never been to the UMC.

Back in KC, Jermaine probably would have been shot with a police officer’s pistol — NOT a Taser (which has little or no effect on some who are under the influence of drugs).

“Hey! Help your fellow Americans! Register to vote!” Indeed . . .

BTW, I’ve witnessed a mentally ill homeless woman use a sharpened pencil to stab a homeless man in the face; missed his eye by about an inch. The amount of force used by police against suspect Jermaine Sillemon was reasonable and proper.

Tonight at my campsite: corn dogs, made healthy with ORGANIC mustard and ketchup.

4 thoughts on “A thief visits my campsite, and more

  1. John

    Damn, sorry your pad got snaked. That’s a trip that whoever did it didn’t want you to find out during the day and was so stealthy. When I was homeless in Boulder back in 1992 there were all types of shenanigans. Good times…usually.

  2. Sarah

    Your sarcasm did not go unnoticed by me, myself 😜 “Organic mustard and ketchup” on a corn dog!! Love it! 😂


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