Boulder Public Library wimps out, ‘King’ fails to appear, and more


By Max R. Weller

Read Boulder Public Library narrows code of conduct as it targets ‘disruptive’ behavior in the Daily Camera. Whoever made this decision is an imbecile; what BPL has done now is make rules more vague, to the point where there’s little or no chance they could survive a legal challenge. Quoting from the report below:

The Boulder Public Library is seeking public comment on revisions to its code of conduct that remove many specific rules while giving library staff broader discretion to intervene to stop “disruptive” behavior.

Gone are explicit rules about eating, having large bags and washing hair and clothes in restroom sinks. Instead, the proposed new code of conduct opens with a welcome message that states the purpose of the code of conduct and the appropriate uses of library space.

My online comment is copied below:

Time for some civic-minded library patron to begin leaving bars of soap at random locations in the Main Library, since the powers-that-be at BPL consistently refuse to deal with the issue of offensive body odor.

Other libraries across America aren’t afraid to risk confronting the stinkers. Example:…

Note “Category A (Library Specific Violation) •Having offensive body odor or personal hygiene so as to unreasonably interfere with other patrons’ ability to use the Library and its facilities.”

Send your comments by e-mail to You can bet that I’ve done so.

Richard Grant a.k.a. King

Yesterday, I spent a wasted morning in Courtroom F at the Boulder County Justice Center, waiting for the arraignment of Richard Grant a.k.a. King. I knew he wasn’t in Boulder County Jail, despite rumors to the contrary, and it was up to King to show up in court on his own. Now he has a warrant for Failure to Appear. I wouldn’t have gone there at all except that 1) “Sally” — who made the Harassment complaint against King — asked me to; and 2) I thought it might make for a good post on my blog. Rumor has it that King has a slew of other charges involving his unlicensed and uninsured vehicle and his lack of a driver’s license, and I hope these rumors are true. Maybe he’s fled Boulder for good; he hasn’t been seen around N. Broadway & U.S. 36 in weeks.

BTW, on my walk along Boulder Creek Path from the Justice Center to the Main Branch Library, then on to Broadway to catch the SKIP northbound, I was happy to see fewer bums hanging out to no good purpose. However, at several spots I caught a whiff of the stench of human waste. Without doubt, it’s the bums who remain in Central Park who are the culprits; and these are the characters that BPL wants to make feel “welcome” with relaxed rules of conduct? NO! Power washers should be used to scrub down the worst spots — such as the underpass below Broadway. Peeing/pooping in the bushes along Boulder Creek, with a porta potty available nearby, is just another way for the sociopathic transients to give the finger to society. Why tolerate it?

The latest homeless person to die outdoors in Boulder, a man I defended here because the Daily Camera lumped him in with known substance abusers who have died “on the streets” recently, was in fact a registered sex offender (Sodomy, Sex Abuse First Degree). Scroll down to page 15 of Boulder PD’s Registered Sex Offenders online for Klavoon, Paul. Strangely, the DC failed to disclose this detail BUT they implied that his death was due to alcohol poisoning/drug overdose in initial reports. Coroner ID’s Boulder homeless man found dead behind shopping center. It’s very difficult to understand the thinking of the Daily Camera’s reporters and editors.

Good news: New-look McDonald’s opens in Boulder in the DC.


Tonight at my campsite: Halloween candy, already on sale everywhere . . .

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