Local moose murdered! And more

By Max R. Weller

Read the chilling account in the Daily Camera. Quoting from it below:

A bull moose was shot by a bow hunter near Brainard Lake on Saturday, and while wildlife officials said the kill was legal and “clean,” some who frequent the popular Boulder County recreation area expressed anger over the animal’s death.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife spokeswoman Jennifer Churchill confirmed the moose was killed with a bow and arrow near the southwest side of the lake, and said the hunter had a tag to shoot a moose in the area.

“It definitely upset a lot of people,” said William Clark, of Colorado Springs, who witnessed the killing and noted there were children in the area who saw the moose die. “I’m sure some of them came up there just to see the moose. And then the first one they see is one that got killed.

“That could stick with the kids for some time.”

The one-month archery season runs until the end of September, and Brainard Lake is on U.S. Forest Service land, which is huntable.

Churchill said it was a clean kill with the arrow penetrating both lungs.

“It went down very quickly, and that’s what we prefer to see when people are hunting animals,” Churchill said. “It was the cleanest kill you can hope for.”

Churchill did say that, after being shot, the moose ran a few hundred yards into an area where there probably were wildlife watchers present or other people recreating.

“It’s tough for people to witness it,” Churchill said. “It’s not something most people see every day.”

My online comment is copied below:

Sadly, this isn’t the first moose to have been MURDERED: http://deneroff.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2008/…

Seriously, what in blazes is wrong with some of you people here in the Boulder Bubble? It’s a moose taken legally during the bowhunting season, and there wasn’t anything too gruesome about it. GROW UP! And let your kids grow up, too — we don’t want another generation of Boulderites disconnected from reality . . .

Just what we don’t need: Another bloated nonprofit providing “services” to those who are struggling with serious problems, in this case substance abuse. See Boulder County’s ARC staff to be laid off, offered jobs with Mental Health Partners in the DC. BTW, the ARC has been a joke among local homeless people, and transferring detox, etc. to Mental Health Partners will only make the situation more ridiculous. Once clients get caught up in the system, they can NEVER escape; in this case, they’ll NEVER get clean and sober for very long, and will recycle through MHP just as they do with the other nonprofits here in Boulder, CO.

As you might guess from my previous post, I know what real harassment is all about. That’s why I have so little patience for the transients here in Boulder, CO who piss and moan about being ticketed for offenses they really have committed — Illegal Camping, Open Container of Alcohol, Smoking in a Prohibited Area, Fighting, Stealing, etc. Most of us homeless folks aren’t doing any of this stupid stuff . . .

Tonight at my campsite:

If your name is Jessica Alba, I’ll be happy to share.


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