How many employees of private companies are rewarded for incompetence? And more

By Max R. Weller

See Boulder city manager, attorney, municipal judge get 4 percent raises in the Daily Camera. Quoting from the article below:

The Boulder City Council early this morning approved 4 percent raises for each of the top three city employees.

The raises bring City Manager Jane Brautigam to $216,976 a year, up from $208,631.

City Attorney Tom Carr will earn $194,132, up from $186,666.

Municipal Court Judge Linda Cooke will earn $140,407, up from $135,007.

Those three city employees work directly for the City Council and get their performance reviews from council members and from their employees, through an anonymized survey. All three were given an “exceptionally high” performance rating.

Continuing excerpt, with the most self-serving bit of hyperbole I’ve ever heard from any public official, anywhere, at any time, in any circumstances:

Boulder City Attorney Tom Carr

Boulder City Attorney Tom Carr (Daily Camera file photo)

“I had an outstanding year last year,” he told the council. “I did amazing things for you.”

WTF? This is the clown directing the train wreck of municipalization, whose legal counsel to this point hasn’t been worth a bucket of warm spit.

Is Boulder City Council completely out of touch with reality? Well, here’s my answer:

From the Daily Camera — “The iconic image of Yes! will be a must-see for visitors to Boulder, and a legacy to our growing collection of public art,” City Manager Jane Brautigam said in a statement.

How did that one work out for you, Jane? Oh, right — you get a 4% pay raise to $216,976 annually. Silly me . . .

I had an interesting encounter with a staff member from Boulder Shelter for the Homeless (or possibly one of its associated entities) yesterday, as I got off the SKIP bus at Front Range Dr. and began heading over to my shady spot in the 4900 block of N. Broadway. He was driving his car and made a left hand turn from N. Broadway onto Front Range as I was crossing the latter; it seemed to me that he was going to pull around me and then turn left into the BSH parking lot on the west side of the facility (his left turn indicator was still on), so I stopped halfway across Front Range to allow him to do so. He then headed directly at me before stopping his car in the middle of the road.

At this point, I should point out that I very much dislike stepping in front of any motor vehicle or bicycle here in Boulder, CO due to the relatively high number of stoners/drunks who can be looking straight at you, yet be unaware of your presence. I’m perfectly happy to yield to motorists and cyclists for my own safety.

Anyway, this baseball cap-wearing poser then rolled down his passenger side window as I decided to get on across the street. He said to me, “The purpose of a turn signal is to eliminate any confusion . . .” I replied, “Oh, okay; I’ll remember that — f***ing idiot.” I hope he heard it all clearly.

No, I shouldn’t have answered his smart aleck remark with one of my own, but there you have it. I can’t stand these arrogant, self-righteous characters working in the corrupt homeless shelter/services industry, who are making their living off of the misery of the most vulnerable among us — and NOT doing a darn thing to make any homeless person’s life better in the long run.

Hell’s bells, they’ve even offered me a de facto bribe in an attempt to win me over to their side, but unfortunately I agreed NOT to blog about it before I realized that’s what it was . . . Sorry.

I’m surprised that former Boulder police officer “Shotgun” Sam Carter got off with probation and fines. Having said that, I’m still wondering:


Seems like a fair question . . . What’s the answer?

Football season is once again upon us. Watch this YouTube video to gain a better understanding of the game.

Tonight at my campsite: salmon salad with Ritz crackers.


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