Bum rights? And more

By Max R. Weller

No doubt, apologists/enablers  for the worst-behaved transients (a.k.a. Boulder Rights Watch) would consider what we see below police brutality — disturbing the drunken stupor of derelicts loitering in one of the city’s popular public venues:

Boulder police Officer Dan Bergh talks to a group of homeless people congregating in the

Boulder police Officer Dan Bergh talks to a group of homeless people congregating in the “horseshoe” area of the Boulder Creek Path near Boulder High School during a foot patrol on Tuesday. Advocacy group Boulder Rights Watch would like to see a community response team organized to help ease tensions between police and the homeless. (Mark Leffingwell / Daily Camera)

Given the fact that pickled idjits here in Boulder, CO tend to pass out and die from alcohol poisoning, with their worthless “friends” also passed out and unable to call 9-1-1 for the paramedics in time, it’s necessary for police officers to check on their welfare. Asking to see ID and doing a warrant check are also legitimate police actions.

Needless to say, Boulder Rights Watch does NOT speak for the Homeless Philosopher. I’ve never been ticketed for anything in the 6 1/2 years I’ve lived here as a homeless man, and if I can obey the laws then nobody else has any excuse for failing to do so. I’m sick and tired of the bums whining about their self-inflicted problems with law enforcement. GROW UP!

BTW, let’s remember Bridge House’s own survey done in May, 2013 and published in the Daily Camera — Survey: More than half of Boulder homeless who sought help at center were new to city.

Here’s a thought: Ban alcohol sales to chronic inebriates, and make certain that liquor stores and bars keep an updated list of drunks’ names and photos. It would also be good for retail liquor establishments to voluntarily STOP all sales of rotgut vodka, which typically costs around $10 for a 1.75L jug:

Could be used as paint thinner

Great editorial, Little Liz at state fair: The sideshow must go on,  from the Denver Post. Shame on constipated Boulderites who forced Little Liz out of the Boulder County fair in Longmont!

Time to shut down CU’s department of philosophy? Read CU-Boulder investigating yet another philosophy professor in the DC.


That’s all for now . . .


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