Bubonic plague returns, sleazeball prof won’t teach this fall, and more

By Max R. Weller

Read and heed Plague found in Boulder-area fleas; residents warned to take precautions in the Daily Camera. Quoting from the report:

Bubonic plague has returned to Boulder County, public health officials announced after fleas collected from the city of Boulder’s Marshall open space property, northeast of the intersection of South Boulder and Cherryvale roads, last week tested positive for the disease.

The flea samples were collected from a deserted prairie dog colony on the property, officials say. It is the first confirmed case of plague in Boulder County since 2011.

The threat of spreading the disease has not been deemed serious enough to close the open space, but county health officials are urging people to protect themselves.

“The fleas don’t travel large distances, so it’s nothing we’re seeing spread or becoming an epidemic. It’s confined to that one area,” said Lane Drager, consumer protection coordinator for Boulder County Public Health. “But if pets are going into these areas, they are risking exposure for themselves and for those pet owners.”

The plague can causes symptoms including high fever, extreme fatigue and painful, swollen lymph nodes.

All prairie dogs have fleas. No doubt, the prairie dogs who “deserted” the colony mentioned above took plague-infected fleas with them. I’ve been concerned by the varmints spreading to the area of my campsite, as well as the nearby Dakota Ridge neighborhood in north Boulder; apparently, they’re migrating from the National Guard Armory property at the southeast corner of N. Broadway and Lee Hill.

Here’s the solution: Rodenator.

Also read the update in the DC on Prof. David Barnett, who “investigated” a female student without authorization by CU administration (apparently as retaliation for her complaint against a male student), and cost the university over $800,000 to settle the young woman’s lawsuit: CU-Boulder philosophy professor under threat of firing won’t teach this fall. Quoting here:

As University of Colorado students and instructors return to the classroom Monday, embattled associate philosophy professor David Barnett will not be among them.

The university is moving to fire Barnett, 44, after paying a graduate student more than $800,000 to settle claims he retaliated against her after she reported she was sexually assaulted by a fellow graduate student.

Barnett had been scheduled to teach two introductory philosophy courses this semester.

“At professor Barnett’s request, he has been given relief from teaching duties, with pay, until he is given a hearing on the allegations against him,” Brian Moore, Barnett’s attorney, said Wednesday.

CU spokesman Ryan Huff confirmed that Barnett was relieved of his teaching duties this semester after his request was approved by Steven Leigh, dean of the College of Arts and Sciences.

Huff said Barnett will continue his research and committee duties within the philosophy department.

Barnett, who receives an annual salary of $77,668, is accused of compiling a 38-page report painting the female graduate student as “sexually promiscuous” and alleging she falsified the report of the sexual assault, according to a notice of intent to sue CU that was filed by the woman last month.

The university paid the student $825,000 to settle her retaliation claim.

In the Real World of private business, Barnett would have been fired immediately.

David Barnett

Creepy CU professor

Of 51 recent arrests in Ferguson, 1 is a resident from the Associated Press via the Kansas City Star.

Will this homeless guy in Houston, TX be coming to Boulder, CO when the emergency overnight dorms at Boulder Shelter for the Homeless open on October 15th?

There are a lot of these human pack rats here, already. Some of them rent storage units to hoard their worthless junk, but if you can’t afford that, I guess an overloaded shopping cart is one alternative. The Homeless Philosopher prefers the minimalist approach to daily living . . .

It’s absurd for school to be starting before Labor Day, while the heat of summer is lingering. I feel sorry for the youngsters subjected to the stupidity of school authorities. Just as bad, many kids have to eat Michelle Obama’s school lunches:

Tonight at my campsite: more than enough chow to ease the pangs of hunger.


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