Max’s Journal 8/19/2014

By Max R. Weller

Get ready for traffic delays caused by the USA Pro [Doping] Challenge this coming Sunday in Boulder, CO: Boulder road, parking closures . . . in the Daily Camera. The cyclists are getting ready, too:

Bend over, Lance Armstrong wannabes!

Read ‘Outside agitators’ worsening unrest in Ferguson, Mo., residents say in the Kansas City Star. Quoting from the article below:

Anger and frustration over the shooting death of an unarmed black teenager by a police officer has been expressed through prayer vigils and peaceful protests throughout this St. Louis suburb.

During the daytime.

When the sun goes down, violence has reigned.

In a pattern that has played out night after night since 18-year-old Michael Brown was shot and killed Aug. 9 by Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson, nonviolent gatherings are followed by looting and riots, tear gas and rubber bullets and dozens of arrests.

No one is more frustrated than local residents and leaders.

“The people causing all the trouble, they aren’t from Ferguson,” said resident Mike Marion, 26. “They’re from all over. They’re not trying to make things better or stand up for Michael Brown. They’re just taking advantage of the situation.”

It was a sentiment shared by dozens of residents interviewed by The Star on Monday afternoon after arguably the worst violence in a week of unrest broke out the night before. While laying much of the blame for the strife at the feet of police, they say peaceful protests are being hijacked by people with other agendas.

Well, duh. Scumbags exploiting a death for their own purposes? At least the bums and their apologists/enablers here in Boulder aren’t rioting, as they try to exploit the deaths of homeless people to increase shelter/services for transients from Denver and elsewhere . . . I give ’em that much credit.

I still intend to spend a day in Central Park and the Main Branch of Boulder Public Library soon, in order to see for myself if things have gotten any better there. I hope I don’t see this:


Credit: This is Boulder Colorado on Facebook

Good weather, interesting books to read, enough food and beverage to satisfy, and a warm and dry “bed” underneath my tarp — what more is necessary?

That’s all for now, folks.


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