What is wrong with Boulder, CO?

By Max R. Weller

Oh, my! Let’s look at just one issue, homelessness. Granted, that’s only barely scratching the surface of Boulder’s FUBAR status, but it’s what I blog about (mostly).

What do the powers-that-be in our local homeless shelter/services industry propose as a solution to housing homeless single adults here? See below:

$6 million 31-unit Housing First project at 1175 Lee Hill

Of course, there are hundreds of single adults on the streets, both residents of Boulder County and transients from Denver and elsewhere. Emergency shelters make no distinction between the two groups, nor does the Transition Program at Boulder Shelter for the Homeless. It’s beyond stupid to believe that $200,000 apartments are an answer for the majority of those in need; the $$$ simply aren’t there.

What do more progressive cities across America look to as a cost-effective solution for housing everyone who is seeking permanent shelter? See one alternative:

$5,000 “tiny house” by OM Build in Madison, WI

More info: Tiny houses help address nation’s homeless problem.

Let’s be brutally honest — the wealthy white elites, led by PLAN-Boulder County and their elected stooges in both city and county government, do NOT want to jeopardize their decades-old machinations to inflate real estate values and create a de facto gated community. They have enjoyed great success in driving out the middle class and working poor. One wonders, why do they keep the homeless around? I blogged about that quite a while back.

The local media is enthralled by the nonprofits, and never scrutinizes the claims made by Greg Harms (BSH), Betsey Martens (Boulder Housing Partners), Isabel McDevitt and George Epp (Bridge House), et al. It’s a dirty, rotten shame . . .


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