Max’s Journal 8/11/2014

By Max R. Weller

I enjoyed reading Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen over the weekend. It was given to me by one of my neighbors in north Boulder, and I donated it to Boulder Shelter for the Homeless this morning. It’s the best novel I’ve read in ages, and Ms. Gruen was able to portray the male protagonist in a believable way. BTW, I dreamed last night of Rosie, wielding a Louisville Slugger as she made her way along Boulder Creek Path, cracking transients’ noggins left and right.

Is the Daily Camera totally clueless? The policy of PLAN-Boulder County and their elected stooges during the past 40 years and more has been to drive the middle class out of Boulder. NOTHING that Boulder Housing Partners has done or will do is going to change that, and the wealthy white elites don’t really want to have a diverse population in economic terms. Boulder, CO is a city of polar opposites: dork-knobbed trust fund babies along with stinking, drunken transients from Denver and elsewhere. Read this silly “report” in the DC — Boulder Housing Partners seeks to ‘preserve’ middle-class housing. What a crock!

Boulder County Fair shuts down ‘World’s Smallest Woman’ exhibit after complaints in the Times-Call shows political correctness run amok.

The World’s Smallest Woman exhibit at the Boulder County Fair was closed after complaints from fairgoers.

The World’s Smallest Woman exhibit at the Boulder County Fair was closed after complaints from fairgoers. (Longmont Times-Call)

I guess the local do-gooders would rather see Little Liz become a permanent dependent of the social services system than someone earning her own way in the world. SHAME ON THEM!

Hard to believe only two more months remain before even more transients arrive in our fair city, for the opening of Boulder Shelter for the Homeless on October 15th. This winter season will be the fifth consecutive one that I refuse to stay overnight in the bedbug-infested dump for single adults. Body odor, foot odor, noise, strife, confusion, homeless-on-homeless crime, and at least half of the emergency overnight dorm guests are NOT residents of Boulder County, CO. It’s a travesty of compassion — and I challenge any Big $$$ Donor to go incognito and spend a night there.

I’m thinking of getting a service animal. Perhaps the young skunk which likes to hang out near my campsite, and hasn’t sprayed me yet. Would anyone even notice if I brought Br’er Skunk into BSH at 6AM? If staff doesn’t watch out, there will be dozens of Travelers insisting on bringing their “service dogs” into the place; why not my service skunk, too?

Although I’ve never visited CU’s University Memorial Center, I’m aware that it’s been a popular spot for bums to lounge on sofas and watch TV during the day. Now, I understand that the sofas have been removed . . . LOL!

Tonight at my campsite: bagels with cream cheese and/or strawberry jam.


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