How many transients are in Boulder County Jail?

By Max R. Weller

See for yourself by scrolling through Jail Listing with Charges for WEB As of 08/01/2014. Here’s what one of the 259 pages looks like:

Screenshot from 2014-08-01 10:28:45Click on image to enlarge

I made it halfway through the entire listing, counting inmates clearly labeled as either homeless or transient (a dozen or so had no info listed for “arrestee address” and these I ignored), and stopped after page 130. It was becoming tedious.

I counted 58 homeless/transient inmates, with charges ranging from municipal offenses to sex assaults and murder and everything in between. And that’s just half of the jail listing!

Clearly, there is a problem here with a wildly disproportionate number of homeless/transient individuals committing crimes. They comprise less than 1% of Boulder County’s population (see Boulder County QuickFacts and 2014 Boulder County PIT to calculate it on your own), but they might represent as much as 25% of the jail population.

Even a cynic like the Homeless Philosopher is surprised by this.

All the more reason to STOP giving financial support to those do-gooders in the homeless shelter/services industry who enable this criminal element to grow and flourish in our fair city — to the detriment of everyone, including the majority of homeless people who behave decently.

Cut the crime rate: close Bridge House.


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