Max’s Journal 7/31/2014

By Max R. Weller


Read this editorial, Fresh idea: Food assistance doubles at the market, in the Daily Camera. My online comment is copied below:

So, using homeless SNAP recipients as an example, they’ll end up with the same amount of food that could be purchased at a less expensive grocery chain like King Soopers — but at DOUBLE THE COST TO TAXPAYERS.

Cooking classes for homeless people without access to a kitchen? I hope the nutritionist is donating his/her time, and not on the public payroll.

Yes, of course, not all who receive SNAP benefits are homeless. And “food stamps” (or whatever you choose to call them) did in fact begin as an agricultural subsidy program for farmers, so this isn’t anything new — except for Boulder getting into the act. How about fixing those county roads, instead?

I’ve lived here for 6 1/2 years, and I’m still surprised at what passes for sensible government spending.

For the record: I’ve never applied for SNAP benefits.

More Boulder weirdness in this DC report. Why don’t more guys steal trash trucks for a joyride? The suspect’s Facebook photo below:

10171081_1467606970122794_1010138019_nApparently, he was employed by a well-known local moving company in my north Boulder neighborhood — the one with the Big Green Trucks. My guess is that they didn’t let him drive, but who knows? It’s Boulder, CO.

It appears that the heaviest rainfall is over now, and it will continue to taper off over the weekend. See National Weather Service forecast for Boulder. You know, for a high desert area, the Front Range gets way too much rain.

An endorsement of this humble blog from an unlikely source:


That’s all for now, folks.


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