Boulder County Commissioners lie, and more

By Max R. Weller

Read Boulder County to refund $5.6M in assessments after judge invalidates paving district in the Daily Camera.

The fact is that there has been an ongoing shift (for many years now) from county spending on roads, which has decreased substantially, to greatly increased county spending on social services. For any elected Boulder county official to claim poverty in 2014 is ludicrous; the county government is awash in money, it’s their spending priorities which are all screwed up.

“We need more social services, man! How can I buy weed if nobody else will pay for my food, clothing, and shelter? You’re a bunch of snobs, hating on the homeless!”

Which leads me to this dystopian novel I found for $5 (hardcover) in the bargain bin at King Soopers: Flashback by Dan Simmons. About halfway through this Colorado author’s book is a chapter entitled “The People’s Republic of Boulder” which extrapolates recent decades of Boulder politics into the future, in which America is collapsing and the PRoB has seceded (along with the Republic of Texas). I didn’t find this vision too far-fetched at all, but I’m not surprised at the negative reviews on the Goodreads website. Simmons’ use of the term “dork handle” alone was worth the price I paid, and it still has me chuckling.

Read the latest from Charles Krauthammer — The vacant presidency in the Washington Post.

That’s all for now . . .


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